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February 23 2006

BBC 5 live radio - Joss Whedon interview. As I'm writing this, BBC's Simon Mayo has just announced he will talk to Joss Whedon about his new movie Serenity later today on BBC Radio Five Live. The live program will be available for streaming later in the day (and for a week) here. Update: In the interview, Joss chats about Serenity, Firefly, Fox and the Spike DVD movie.

I've changed a couple of your links. The main one points to the BBC Radio 5 site where there you can view a webcam of the Simon Mayo show. So people might be able to see Joss in the studio and listen to him as well.
Ooh nice one Pumps, guess I'll have to sort out getting real player working here again now.
comment removed. Sorry, Caroline :)

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Stick to the subject of the post, please, there's plenty of software bashing everywhere else on the web.
Quick update, as of 14:07 (UK time). Joss will be on in the next half hour or so.
*Sighs* I will be teaching Databases to first years around that time. Would someone be willing to do a recap of the highlights of the interview?
Why do these things always happen when I'm at work! Will the interview be available for download - or just online streaming (I have a feeling most BBC shows are streaming only). I have access to broadband - but the PC is rigged so that you can't access any sound (hence the question re: downloads).

So is Joss in the U.K. at the moment?
Joss is on now :)
I'm recording it, will upload somewhere later.
So is Joss in the U.K. at the moment?

Yup. Not to sound all stalkery, but he's here until tomorrow I believe.
Ah, gotta love Joss having a go at Fox on radio 5 :)
He's being his usual witty self and Simon Mayo seems to have done his homework so that's good.
"Winchester is just one large Slitherin..."
If people have issues with realplayer you should try real alternative
Well Joss just explicitly said the Spike movie is meant as a direct to dvd thing
Well Joss just explicitly said the Spike movie is meant as a direct to dvd thing

I suspected so. This is why I get puzzled when people rag on The WB for not producing it. I know Paramount are due to trial some "DVD Premiere" titles - Universal are already doing this. Joss could make Universal a lot of money with it.
A really quick summary.

Joss mostly spoke about Serenity and River in particular. Simon asked him about the comparisons between the Alliance and his feelings on the current leadership of the United States as well as his feelings about how the changing face of television (DVD, Tivo, etc) helped make Serenity possible. When asked specifically if there was the possibility of a new franchise coming out of Serenity Joss said he would be willing but he has heard nothing to suggest that it will happen as yet.

Joss finished by answering some listener questions including how british television has influenced his work, what he thought about the new Doctor Who and whether or not Ripper was ever going to happen. Joss replied to that with the response that he is currently working on getting the Spike DVD project off the ground. Always good to hear that mentioned.

Sorry i couldn't get that in any more depth. I was trying to listen, make notes and work at the same time, lol!
Full interview: 5 mb mp3 (please mirror if you can)
Spike Lee??

Oh my, that must've been embarrassing.
I'm reuploading mine as the connection got cut. Stupid wifi.
LOL! Yeah that Spike Lee comment made me chuckle too. I wonder how many people listening to that interview cringed on behalf of Simon Mayo when he said that?

Research your guest's work, much? :D
Caroline, I have redone the mirror @
Thanks for the mirror, gossi.
Thanks for the link, Caroline! Nice to have a Joss interview to go with my morning coffee.
Good find, Pumps, great interview.

Thank you for the links, Caroline and gossi.
I've not heard this myself as lack of sound at work. Boo!
Yay, Caroline and Gossi! Sterling service.
You don't even have earphones gossi? I plan to listen to it ASAP... downloading it off the site. Thanx a bunch for that Caroline & Gossi. How long is the actual interview?
It's about 10 minutes, I think.
Here's another mirror if anyone needs it (although I doubt it this far down the thread).

I've got buckets of bandwidth and absolutely nothing to use it on, so I figured I'd chunk it up there. No guarantees on the speed though. Server pretty much does whatever the boys in charge decide it will do today.
Joss is in the UK?? *sighs*

Thanks for the link and the d/loads everyone.
Joss is in the UK?? *sighs*

Yeah, that bastard keeps coming to our land.. This lowly place.. Take take take, Whedon. Next thing we know he'll try bringing one of those new fangled motion picture things here - the cheek.
Pictures that move ? Pfft. I fail to see the appeal.

Good interview. Mayo seems to have matured a bit since I last heard him (mid 80's ?) but then haven't we all ;).

Also, puts the lie to my speculations lo' many moons ago about him watching Doctor Who at Winchester. Straight from the man himself, nope never watched it. Philistine ;).

Also also, thanks all for links and mirrory goodness. Like a bunch of crack people who respond quickly you were, bravo.
"Winchester is just one big Slytherin"

Yes..Yes it is. I don't like Winchester. *stamps foot like a petulant child*

Really nice interview and nice to know that Simon Mayo knows his Joss Whedon stuff. Nice to hear that the Ripper series is not a definite no, and that he is still trying to get the Spike Movie off the ground

Tis all good.
Really good interview, always better when the interviewer knows a little bit about his work (apart from the Spike Lee comment), and it's always interesting to hear Joss talk.

Glad that he mentioned the Spike movie, actually hearing him say "I'm working on making a Spike movie" feels so much more real than reading it.
Spike Lee? *dies* That's hilarious.
/e protest sign


Well judging by what was said by Joss in the interview:

Joss: "Right now I've been concentrating on trying to do a movie with Spike. A DVD Movie with Spike. And we're trying to see if that's financially feasible.

If a Spike movie DVD gets made and sells well, you can be assured that 20th Century Fox will be looking into what other stories from the Buffyverse will be financially feasible as well.
Actually I don't think it was a mistake on Simon Mayos part. I listen to him a lot and know his wit. I think he was just trying to be amusing, he is a good host and knows that a lot of his listeners do NOT know who Spike is, so to include them and instead of asking "Who is Spike", he got Joss to provide that bit of exposition by way of a quip. Mayo is no dummy.

And yes, that was a good catch *G*
The BBC, bless them, have made the Joss interview as a stand-alone listen.
It sounded very much like Mayo was reading off a research card ("Toy Story, Speed"). Which isn't critism of him - it's what happens in radio - somebody goes off and looks up stuff on Wikipedia.

Anyway, a good bit of promo. It won't pull in massive numbers, but it all helps. By the way, somebody who works 'in the industry' has pointed out to me studios don't tend to fly directors to foreign lands just for DVD launches, so it tends to suggest they think it'll do well here on DVD. That said, they haven't run any TV adverts for the DVD yet.
Did anyone else hear a British accent creeping into Joss' speech just a tiny bit during parts of the interview?

Maybe I'm crazy...

Ahem... anyway, good interview. :)

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Just skimmed the thread and this doesn't seem to have been mentioned, but Joss is on a talk show on More4 tonight at 11pm according to an advert after The Closer just now.

Didn't think this was worth its own thread though.

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Thanks, Jackal. I will record it. He's on a show called "The Last Word", which is a political talk show.

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Damn, don't have more4.
Yay, Joss on a polictical talkshow! Be sure and give us a link guys.
It's interesting that he doesn't like his young child watching TV, I think that is very cool. Too many parents use it as a babysitter, which is kinda sad.
He'll also be on the Phil Jupitus show on Radio 6 tomorrow morning. Some guy at the BBC let Whedonesque that the interview was recorded today and will be on sometime between 9am and 10am. I'll do a thread for it tomorrow morning so people can chat about it.

Clips of Joss on the More4 chat show will hopefully appear here sometime in the next couple of days.
I'll be putting clips of the More4 thing on this topic, probably, but I doubt it'll get a new topic for copyright reasons.
Oh god. Joss is on with Brian Sewell.

And they're talking about workplace flirtation. Well when I say talking, they're actually arguing. Joss seems horrified by Brian's views about women. This is just surreal.
Wow, that Brian Sewell chap is very posh.

Very surreal viewing indeed.
Oh I need to see that. Never liked Brian Sewell, I am a big fan of David Mitchell though.
Oh man, I am hanging to watch this one.
Oh now they're chatting about works of art and who should see them. This is great fun.
I just caught the last 5 minutes during which the host was asking Joss whether the Elgin marbles should be returned to Greece. When Joss was asked if american art was kept out of view of the public in stately homes he said he didn't know as all the art he owns is by comic book artists. Which I thought was amusing.

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Well this is the 1st time I've seriously regretted not having More4 (though it'd be nice to be able to watch the Daily Show sometimes)
More4 is lovely. Although some of the documentary stuff they air is deeply depressing, I feel a better (and more enlightened) person for having watched it.

I enjoy seeing Joss speaking up for womens rights.
Oh envy envy envy. We really really need to get Joss to Canada.
I don't think Joss was impressed with Brians "They're all asking for it all the time" attitude. But somebody was certainly flirting with Joss..
Okay, I'm just rewatching this - Go Joss. He actually sighs.
Oh man! When will we be getting a link to download?
I'm trying to digitise it now. I can't get it directly, so I'm filming it with a video camera at the minute to put online. Heh.

Joss should abandon his film career and just present a TV talk show. Except not really. Well, maybe once a week.
I have never felt as far away from the U.K. as I do reading this thread.

Joss and Simon Mayo? Wow.

But Joss and Brian Sewell?! My G-d. Hugely looking forward to attempting the downloads back at home.
While people are waiting, remember you can still hear BBC5's original review of Serenity, Mark Kermode reviews it (on Simon Mayos program)

- its about 27 minuttes in.
OK, the Sky guide completely and utterly says it's Ekow Eshun. Hmm, Sky owned by Ruper Murdoch, who also owns ... Nah, crazy conspiracy theory, i'm sure ;). I don't mind a bit of Ekow but he's no Joss.

Brian Sewell is a pompous ass. It's probably just as well he's also hugely entertaining.

BTW, It's still on More4 + 1 if anyone has that.
Thanx Gossi, your a champ.
That really was quite surreal. Joss rebuking the lord of fastidious, idiotic snobbery that is Brian Sewell, being fawned over by an enthusiastic fan comedienne, on a ridiculous show hosted by a babbling fool way out of his depth.

If only Boris Johnson (the host's son, a Tory politician and an even greater babbling fool - all of which somehow contrive to make him immensely likeable) had been on it too I think the 'Verse would have imploded.

Joss seemed half bemused, half aghast at the whole thing, and still managed to come across as eloquent, funny and intelligent.
If only Boris Johnson (the host's son

Oh good god. All becomes clear. It's just uploading now.
Joss on More4:

It's not fantastic quality, but it's watchable.

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Wait just a minute. You say Boris Johnson is Brian Sewell's son? How did I not know this before? Boris Johnson, formerly of the Spectator, frothing-at-the-mouth, bad bovver boy Boris Johnson? We're talking about the same Boris Johnson, right? I mean, it makes perfect sense that he is Brian Sewell's offspring, but . . . guess I'll crawl back into my cave now.
Thanx gossi! I am going to download this now! And... i second Lioness's comment. Joss must come to Canada! I mean us Canucks aint so bad! Just come in the summer, its surprisingly nto cold in Canada in the summer, except for in Nunavut, but thats different.
Wait just a minute. You say Boris Johnson is Brian Sewell's son? How did I not know this before? Boris Johnson, formerly of the Spectator, frothing-at-the-mouth, bad bovver boy Boris Johnson? We're talking about the same Boris Johnson, right? I mean, it makes perfect sense that he is Brian Sewell's offspring, but . . . guess I'll crawl back into my cave now.

No, Brian Sewell was just a guest on the show of which one of the presenters is Stanley Johnson - Boris' dad.
Thanks, Paul_Rocks. Methinks I grabbed the wrong end of the stick and waggled it rather violently . . .
Boris Johnson got kicked out the conservative party after making some kind of comment about Kenneth Bidley, a bloke from around my neck of the worlds (er, excuse the pun). His head got chopped off in Iraq by insurgents, and a video posted on the internet. Boris decided to declare Liverpool as addicted to grief, or something, which was a bit of a stupid thing to say - so they sent him around the area with the media filming him apologising to everybody. Which was just political suicide. Very strange fellow.
SNT, you did well in this discussion. Quite an eye-opener. Thanks.
Thanks a lot for that gossi (especially the grr arg, it made me chuckle). A very strange program for Joss to be on, though at least they did show a clip of Serenity and managed to work it into the discussion. I wonder if he only got invited on because of the robbery and the bank heist in Serenity or if it was just strangely serendipitous?
Thanks Gossi - that was fun. Is that you doing the Mutant Enemy salute at the end?
I saw some Gossi! Thanx for that.
That was a very interesting piece. The lady was kinda cute, if a little daggy, I wanted to kick her tho for not kicking that snob in the shin. Although I laughed when he called the host a philistine.

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Just as way of a slight correction, Boris Johnson wasn't kicked out of the Conservative Party but he lost his position as the Shadow Minister for the Arts. He is still a Member of Parliament and has subsequently been made Shadow Minister for Higher Education. His apparently bumbling personality does tend to obscure his somewhat debatable politics (depending on your point of view, of course - although I appreciate this is not the forum for such discussions.) As an aisde, he was born in New York.

Anyway, gossi, thank you so much for the clip. I knew nothing about this so it was great to get a chance to see it.

(Edited to correct an annoying typo.)

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/e protest sign

Thanks gossi, I'll have a look.

Back the to original link the thread was founded on: whether Mayo intended the Spike confusion or not, he more than made up for it with his comeback about Spike Milligan. That was one of the funniest bits of the interview (got a hemi-semi-demi-chuckle from JW, I think), and when competing with Joss that's saying something.

Edit: and I definitely heard a British accent waxing and waning from Joss. May be just flashbacks to his Winchester days. What's uncanny is hearing Gillian Anderson on a BBC talk show. Almost no trace of American accent.

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Please tell me the host was joking with the Hays Code question. Surely nobody's that out of touch?
You guys have Shadow Ministers?
Shadow puppets? What?

I thought it was JW who made the Spike Mulligan quip? When I listened it seemed like Mayo was doing the dry humor thing with mentions of Spike Lee and Spike Jones, indicating good-humouredly that more brittish fans may prefer Ripper to Spike. Or at least that "RIPPER" was promised before a Spike movie, specifically as a BBC-TV vehicle. This is why, if given a choice (or even if not GIVEN the choice) between a Spike movie and Ripper, I say...

/e protest sign

This British fan wants the Spike movie and then the series "Ripper"

In that order .

But if it's an either/or then lets have Spike and Ripper Watchering together post NFA
Yep batmarlowe, the Shadow voters are major players here in the UK, usually on issues like public street lighting and solar power uptake. Rather like the 'grey' vote in the US (darkness is the new grey you know ;).

(facetiousness aside, the opposition party in parliament i.e. the one not in power, appoints MPs to act as opposite numbers to the Cabinet and speak on relevant issues so there's a shadow chancellor, shadow health secretary etc. collectively known as the shadow cabinet).

And another unbelievable play from the gossman, go gossi, go gossi... Cheers, i'll watch that at home later (caught the second half after the heads up on here but missed the first bit).

Must confess, tho' I don't agree with his politics I actually quite like Boris Johnson. At least he's fairly honest and straightforward (for a politician) which you can tell by the number of times he puts his foot in it.

(and I now want the Spike movie even more but it has to have Spike Milligan in the lead role, sorry James ;).
And there's a shadow shadow cabinet too! Only I hear they're unofficial.

At least, I came across mention of something like that when I was doing research for a story.
We all know the Lib Dems are the real shadow cabinet....

Well, maybe.


Not quite, but still.
OK, for once, I must agree with ZacksMind.

Brain Sewell is a pillock. As an ex-working-class-Brit he bloody well gets my back up.

Thanks for the Grr Arggh Gossi. Why would Joss even be on that show? He looked a bit puzzled himself.

One more vote for
... Why would Joss even be on that show? ...

I would ask the question, why not? Personally, I would love to see him on 'The Late Review' with Germaine Greer. Okay, it's not going to happen, but I can dream.

As for Brian Sewell, I come originally from a fiercely working-class Socialist family backround and I'm not fond of the man, but I don't know if I'd go as far as to say he's a pillock - probably.
Joss looked astounded so much of the time, and somewhat relieved that there was one sane person (albeit flirting like mad) on the show with him. Many thanks to gossi for putting the link up.
ZachsMind: Joss brought up Spike Milligan, but Mayo said "you might have trouble with that" or words to that effect (Spike Milligan is dead).
(Spike Milligan is dead).

Well, in fairness, he did tell us he was ill ;).

The look on Joss' face when the presenter asked him about the Hays code was absolutely priceless. He was so clearly thinking 'You're taking the piss, right ?' but I think he decided on inspection that Boris's Dad may actually have been serious and so, after a brief hesitation, he answered it (sort of) seriously.

I doubt the show could've been more entertaining if it'd been a celebrity tag wrestling match with Joss and Flirty Comedienne vs Sewell and Presenter. Sewell could be 'The Art Historian-ator' with a special move involving throwing pre-raphaelite paintings at his opponents while being condescending toward the 'lower classes'.
Sewell could be 'The Art Historian-ator' with a special move involving throwing pre-raphaelite paintings at his opponents while being condescending toward the 'lower classes'.

That's a Channel 4 show pitch if ever I heard one. I imagine it could also be stylised a bit like Gamesmaster.
Kid: "Art-Historianataah, i'm stuck on the interpretation of cubism as it relates to pre civil war Spain, do you have any cheats ?"

Sewell (aka Art Historian-ator): "Eww, a pleb. Get it away, get it away !"
The arguement over "Spike," and "Ripper,"reminds me of the fan highlight that was the interview of ASH and JM in Entertainment. They were so funny and obviously fond of each other. It made the interaction of those characters even more delightul. (It also made me furious at the writers in season seven.) A movie using the two of them would be wonderful. I have to say too, that any fan designed competition between those characters or playing up hostility toward one by endorsing the other will cause a very pissed off me.
cmbackshane, the characters of Spike and Giles hate each other. I wouldn't confuse that with the actors liking each other.
I'm not confused, well about this. I don't think the characters hated each other till the very end of season five, and even then the relationship was often comic. It was something like the Angel/Spike relationship in Angel season five, and it culminated in Tabular Rasa. I enjoyed that. The energies of the actors hightened the interactions of those characters. LMPTM was really the exception and not the rule, as was pod Giles. The cheerleading of fans, however, pits actor against actor as well as character against character. I feel a movie that includes both actors and both characters would be great, but fans can make anything hateful when that's how they think. If "Spike," and "Ripper," happen, I hope ASH and JM can make an appearance in their respective movies. I get very angry when either of those characters, or actors, are used to denigrate the other.

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