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February 23 2006

Joss Accepts FilmFocus Film of the Year 2005 Award - with relish.

You can wear Saturns around your neck?!!
Heh. That was fun. Go Joss! :-)
Fun :) Take that, Fillion!
That's a mighty detailed picture. And a mighty schweet win! Hurrah!
Does anyone else think JW should write everyone's acceptance speeches at this year's Oscars ? I might actually watch it if he did, lad's got the funny. And the gracious. Now, if he only had talent ... oh, wait, nevermind.
Haha, that is awesome.

Yay Joss!
Go Joss!

Thank you so much, gossi. Now, someone give me a band-aid to patch this spilt in my side.
Does anyone else think JW should write everyone's acceptance speeches at this year's Oscars ?

*YES* But mostly, I want people at the oscars to start telling eachother "You got served!"

Who needs to be gracious. Whatever.
LOL. Yea, Joss! Thanks for that, gossi!
I'm very surprised where a fan just spotted Joss. It's like, Hugh Grant and Devine Brown shocking.
Lucky sod. Oh, to have the chance to gibber at his Jossity in an incoherent manner.

I'd take his sympathetic yet pained and slightly scared expression to the grave.
oooh go joss! i love that man
Changed the title to something a bit less tabloidesque.
Just spoke with a coworker who says she once met Joss face to face. I'm like "you're so royalty can i touch you?" I'm such a geek.

The acceptance speeches at the Oscars should be written and spoken as such: "thank you" then they should all sit the expletitive down so there's more time for clips of films we've all already seen and Billy Crystal pretending he's still funny and valid.
Understand herb. (Sigh) I'm recalling the awards of 2003. When they forgot to include 'Once More, With Feeling' on the tickets? Joss was robbed of best musical and I'll never forget that.

OK, I'll hush now.
It's about damn time. Congrats, Boss :)
More fun than the Oscars! OR the Golden Blobs. :)
Changed the title to something a bit less tabloidesque.

Oh shit! I'm totally on the wrong website. I'm giving away my The Sun fandom now.
Golden Blobs? or Golden Boobs.....
Well done Joss! Here's hoping Serenity will gather even more acclaim and recognition in the future, although its achievements so far, although inadequate to reflect how good the film is, are not to be sniffed at.
Congratulations, Joss! It is extremely well deserved and much too long overdue.
Yay, Joss! The British truly know genius when they see it.
Ha! He so funny!
Congratulations, Joss! :)
That's so sweet! We all know Joss deserves this and a whole lot more. :)
;) So sweet, Joss. Much love and congratulations.
Congrats, Joss! Well deserved.
You go, boy! Get down with your bad self! (Now put the shiny pretty away somewhere the kids won't get ahold of it or there'll be merry hob to pay.)

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