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February 23 2006

Nathan Fillion gets Slithered. Behind the scenes on the new movie (not safe for work). Apparently this is a viral marketing video from Universal.

Modified post for clarity.
I get the feeling that film is quite twisted. Nice to see Nate up to his old tricks behind the scenes.
eek! ....tee hee ....EW! ...EEEEEEEW! ...LOL! ... did he just say that? ... AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!! my eyes! my eyes!!!!!


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The more of this film, the more I think I won't enjoy it. Unless it happens to be really hilariously, deliberately bad.
That's the same featurette that was on the DVD handed out at the Browncoat table a few weeks ago at WonderCon. Nice to see the movie getting the viral marketing treatment. Looks to be a lot of bloody, gory fun.
Unless it happens to be really hilariously, deliberately bad.

It's from the writer/director of one of 2005's most successful horror films, and Universal have significant weight behind it (it'll probably open bigger than Serenity). And I hear for a horror film, it's great.
Okay, that was fun. : ) It's a veritable 'verse smorgasbord today! (Say that three times fast and see if you sprain your tongue.)
From what I recall from the Comic-Con panel, it's supposed to get back into the old school horror movie roots of rubber suits and gushy gore. I'm hoping it keeps a tongue-in-cheek yes, we know this is gross, kind of feel. Either way, I'm going, but with a blindfold for the icky bits :)
I adore what James Gunn about Nathan's character. It had me in me in stitches.
Mmm tastes like cherry.
That was funny, I'll probably see this movie, what with having two teens who love horror. I'm imagining not too much actual horror in it tho.
This is the same featurette that Universal put on the DVDs they sent to the SF Browncoats to pass out at WonderCon (with a "warning: adult content" label on the front). Too bad you can't get the accompanying gummy slugs on the web. :)

I've been looking forward to this ever since the trailer they showed at ComicCon last year. It'll be nice to see a horror movie written by an actual horror movie fan, for a change, rather than the stale crap that's mainly been coming out lately.
I'm very glad that they're advertising as more of a comedy than a horror now, as I recall some people responding to the earlier trailers saying things like "it looks stupid and not at all scary." Just that video i found quite amusing.

And it's official: anything Nathan is at all involved in, he needs to have a camera and walk around talking to the's just always funny!

If somehow I ever make a movie or am any way involved in making a movie, I don't care if Nathan's in it or not I'm going to ask him just to walk around set all day with a camcorder talking to the cast and crew. But he still seems to have trouble walking and filming himself at the same time......I may need more than one camera.....
This movie looks entertainingly bad. I can't wait to see it.
Real goo... In a horror movie? I thought Hollywood had decided that was soooo 80's.

Horror movies were so much better before all the CGI developments. It'll be great to see this. Looks like a great comedy, worthy of sitting on the shelf next to my DVDs of Dead Alive and Evil Dead 2. :)
This does look funny, but I have no intention of seeing it. All that gore and horror(even if not all that scary), I dont want to have to change my undies in the middle of the movie. No thanx. And I thought they were tryin to market this as a Love Story!

I second though InevitableTraitor's remarks, Nathan should be given a camera and just walk places. He has da Funny!! And I was thinking that intro was reminiscent of the Firefly Gag reel. And the rest of the crew seem hi-larious too!
That's a great bit of video.

I'm probably going to see this even tho' I suspect I might be sitting in the cinema wishing I was watching more of the behind the scenes stuff.

Chiming in with the Nathan's-a-funny-bugger sentiments as well. The guy shouldn't ever be unemployed. He could literally just walk around filming himself talking to people and any studio boss worth his salt would broadcast it.

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