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February 24 2006

"Do not be dissing my Angel." This from Matt Roush in response to a reader who writes "David Boreanaz [on Bones] wishes he had 20 percent of Wentworth Miller's [on Prison Break] screen presence."

Ah. The old 'my favorite actor is better than your favorite actor, so nah-nah-nah-nah-nah'. Good on Matt for his reply. I feel so fortunate, I've been blessed with a personality that allows me to actually enjoy more than one actor at a time. Go figure.
For some reason I find it kind of ironic that David Boreanaz was a series regular on Buffy when Wentworth Millar made a guest appearance, and then went on to be the leading man on Angel for five years.

I don't have anything against Millar but in my opinion, from what I have seen of the two so far, the situation is actually reversed because I have seen Boreanaz's incredible acting which far surpasses anything Millar has done at this stage.

Of course maybe the disgruntled reader was solely comparing their roles in "Prison Break" and "Bones" in which case I can't comment as I haven't seen Bones yet. But certainly I think David, throughout the years, has shown tremendous depth, versatility, humour and charisma in his work, and I think Angel in particular is really an amazing testament to that.

I am personally also kind of sceptical about how long Prison Break can survive for. I'm guessing around three seasons. Although I could be wrong and they could manage to reinvent the series almost annually as Angel so successfully did.
Having been witness to DB's frequent disastrous attempts at an Irish accent, I don't know if I'd call his performance "incredible acting," much as I love both the character and actor. I do think he grew a lot as an actor through the course of Buffy and Angel, though, and I definitely appreciate Matt's response :-)
I only saw two episodes of Prison Break, but that was enough to make me wonder where on earth all the hype was coming from. Clichéd, poorly acted, predictable... Maybe it got a lot better later on, but I certainly didn't see enough potential to stick with it.
Off topic: Matt's response to the question on Battlestar Galactica convinced me, yet again, that I really need to check that series out one of these days....
You cant't cal DB's acting amazing just taking into consideration his work on Angel because the character doesn't have a wide range of emotions (which is debatable). Regardless I absolutely adore DB's portrayal of Angel and think he's the man.

ETA: perhaps the whedonesque shop should start making t-shirts with some fabulous quotes on it like this one:)

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Angel doesn't have a wide range of emotions? Yes, he was often depressed and gloomy, but I'd say that he was a lot more than just that during his five seasons. I think he is one of the best actors of the Buffyverse, closely behind Alexis Denisof.

I've only seen snippets of Bones, but it seems like DB's character shows a lot less emotion on that show. But he seems pretty good at being comical on Bones, which just goes to show how wide his range of acting ability is. Come to think of it, DB could be pretty funny as Angel as well.
Hence the "which is debatable" comment. What I meant was that his acting wasn't as "Buffy I love you but I'm evil!" (for further reference--check out Cordy and Wes' impression at the beginning of Fredless) as he was on BtVS from time to time. Critics may take his acting on AtS as basic, though I completely don't agree.
So far I like Prison Break more. But every week Bones grows on me. I loved the last 5 minutes of the last episode.

I thought I remembered reading that Prison Break was only going to be a two season show but I can't find the article.

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Must agree with Roush on two points: DB is a fine actor, and " the nature of Prison Break's story line makes me wonder if Bones might not have more staying power in the long, long run."
I think David is a great actor and I am specicially referring to his stints on Buffy and Angel. Perhaps not the widest emotional spectrum ever, but over the years he did do a lot of different things and I think he did them well. Evil Angel. Angry Angel. Happy Angel. Silly Angel. Singing Angel.

Yes, I agree that Irish accent was atrocious (and I am Irish) but I don't think it negates all of his other good work. Not all actors are good at accents but it wasn't the worst I've ever heard. And we don't know whether David had access to a language coach and such. I think that was the reason for the Potential Molly's horrible accent.

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