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February 25 2006

Alan Tudyk cast in CBS's untitled Carol Mendelsohn drama. The show is about legal associates and he'll play a "competitive, arrogant Ivy League graduate."

Because there aren't enough legal shows out there....oh well, it will be nice to possibly see him every week regardless.
yeah i know...last thing, we need is another one of those. But him playing an arrogant ivyleague type.... ooo its hard for me to see him doing that, I guess it will be really showcasing his acting talent. I so need to see my BDH's. Has Morena appeared on the O.C. again with a speaking bit yet?
Ooh! When I think of Alan playing arrogant, I think of the wild, over-the-top arrogant, not the stiff-lipped arrogant.

Regardless, it shall be interesting.
I'll watch the pilot and see how it is.
Kurya- She had a talking role in the last episode "Weight Lifting" or something.
I'll check it out, strictly for Adam. Kessa, I agree with you, it would be nice to see him on a weekly basis.

I hope they keep Morena's character on the OC for a while longer. She hasn't gotten much screen time. Of course, I'm still waiting for the inevitable Inara/Nandy scene.
kurya Has Morena appeared on the O.C. again with a speaking bit yet?

Is it awful that I read "with a spanking bit...?
Chris, you are BAD!

Sure, I'll check Alan out. If the show's good, we'll see.
Hey, Chris, your kinks are showing :).

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