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February 24 2006

Video interview with Alyson Hannigan and 'Date Movie' co-star Sophie Monk. Quicktime required. Page probably not appropriate for work.

There was nice advert for the Serenity DVD the first time I looked but it seems to have vanished now.
You know, it was a dumb movie (yes we saw it) which was to be expected. Like most movies like this, there's some laughs, some chuckles and a fair amount of eye-rolling, but I gotta say, Aly was just radiant. She pretty much saves the thing. Even during the dumbest scenes her enthusiasm is so convincing it's just infectious. Julia Roberts got nothing on her.
ya it was a dumb movie, but not only was Aly in it, but Tom Lenk made an apperence (as Frodo) :-)
Yeah, I watched it as well. My view, (hands over mouth) Mmmtfasggtkh. Harr iin. Ah, that feels better. Again, my heels are just waiting to kick to see Aly in a good drama.
I actually enjoyed it.
(A) That is, indeed, one scary page.

(B) Can't get the interview to play, though I tried three (four) different browsers and everything else is working fine.

It was nothing more or less than I was figuring, though I still don't see why a cat on the toilet is the biggest laugh of the movie...

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