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February 25 2006

Astonishing X-Men news from NYCC. Good news as the comic book will only be bi-monthly through September and then it'll be monthly afterwards. And Marvel say AXM will continue after Joss and John finish their run. Joss said in a recent Wizard interview that his dream team successors would be Warren Ellis and Jaime Hernandez.

I didn't realise Joss was leaving Astonishing X-Men so soon. Does anyone know why he isn't continuing after this second run.
My guess is that he's leaving for a couple reasons, these first two being the most likely:

(a) Contract with Marvel expired (would there have to be a contract, or can a publisher simply invite a writer in and pay them for each individual issue as they go?)

(b) Gonna be too busy with other projects around the time he's leaving the book and really doesn't wanna be held to a monthly or even bi-monthly schedule for turning in scripts (see: the last issue or two of Fray being so late and the Angel Volume 2 mini-series at Dark Horse as well)

And possibly (c) Things went sour with Marvel or he feels like he's told as much of these characters' stories as he wanted to for now and wants to give it a rest (maybe. I haven't heard anything. Haven't even really been following any news about the big two publishers recently, so I wouldn't know anyway. Not wishing to spread rumors or anything, it's just a suggestion).

Anyone got a (d) ?
Well in all, he writing 24 issues and a Giant Sized special at the end of his run so I wouldn't say he's leaving that soon. By my roughish estimate, there's over a year and a half to go.
Oh Zod, please let it be Ellis and some artist that doesn't suck.
I read in Comic Book Resources coverage of this panel that Joe Quesada actually said that
both creators want the book to continue on if they leave.
Which makes it sound as if they might not be leaving for certain.

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Derf, everything i've read and heard about this topic suggests that Joss won't be continuing beyond the currently stated run. I do believe that the book will continue with a new (most likely high profile) creative team, but not with Joss, i'm afraid.

Although if he was to later change his mind, stay on for another year and add Nightcrawler and Rogue to the team then i'll happily be proven wrong! ;)
There's a little bit about AXM fits in with the rest of the Marvel universe over at The Pulse.

Quesada explained that Astonishing X-Men is part of the regular X-Universe, but the arcs that take place in it only last a few days for the X-Men, and the events that take place in it are rather self-contained. That may make Astonishing seem disconnected from the other X-books.

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