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February 25 2006

Nebula nominees named: Serenity in running for 'Scripts' award. The film is up against two episodes from Battlestar Galactica season one.

Ok, now that's more like it.
Nice to see that Serenity is doing well in the poll, too.
The nebula awards are quite prestigious aren't they?
Having seen every film in that poll I have to say that to me there is no contest. Every film apart from Serenity was disapointing.
Yeah, the Nebulas are fairly well thought of. From a marketing point of view you really want either a Hugo or a Nebula to stick on the front of your book. Both would be even better tho' neither are as good as, say, giving away free gold with every copy.

And if you can stick an Arthur C Clarke award on it too it's literally a licence to print money (tho' it won't be legal tender and you'll still be arrested for counterfeiting so maybe not literally a licence).

(not sure how much juice they have in the film world tho')
But how come Serenity is put up against screenplays from Battlestar Galactica? Wouldn't it be better to have separate TV and movie awards? Well, it should be interesting to see what happens
Wouldn't it be better to have separate TV and movie awards?

They are the only two screenplays nominated, so separating them into film and TV would make them both winners... which would make a lot of sense!

The Hugo Award separated their Dramatic Presentation award into Long Form and Short Form a few years back - which meant movies and TV series weren't competing. Not really sure if the Nebulas often have only two nominees in the screenplay category.

This situation is basically doing my head in - Act of Contrition/You Can't Go Home Again was one of the highlights of BSG's first season, meaning it stood slightly above the rest of first season's brilliance.

Serenity certainly deserves the nomination as well.

Comparing the two - impossible :-)
To be clear, I believe the two BSG episodes are nominated as one entry.

The Hugos recently started separating long and short form media presentations, but if you did that with the Nebulas, well, you'd have one nominee in each category.
If memory serves, the Hugos separated long and short form media presentations specifically so that "Buffy" could win a Hugo without being swamped every time by the LOTR films. I've always felt that was not merely a smart move to separate the catagories, but a nice gesture towards Joss and "Buffy."
I doubt the Hugos changed their awards merely to help Buffy. Let's not forget that "Chosen" lost out to "Gollum at the MTV Movie Awards" in the Short Form award at the Hugos a couple of years back - so it's still up to the people who vote! (Anyone attending WorldCon? Is that right?)

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