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February 25 2006

Serenity Sweeps Second Annual Smoppies. Serenity has garnered no less than fourteen Smart Popcorn Awards, including Best Screenplay, Best Film, and a whole bucket of other nods. You may remember seeing voting for this, back in January.

Obviously, Serenity is all over this - not a massive surprise - although well deserved I say. That said, pretty much every other award I agree with here.

2005, and so far 2006, have been fantastic years for films. There have even been action films which say something about the human nature - by which I mean films like Batman Begins, Munich, The Constant Gardener, Good Night and Good Luck, Syriana, Brokeback Mountain and Serenity. Okay, some less with the action there, thinking about it - but they were certainly all great experiences.

By the way, I've seen 4 TV adverts for Serenity on DVD today. One advert for Into The Blue. No others.

I'm a happy bunny entertainment wise at the moment.

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Good Night and Good Luck could be considered an action movie? Isn't that just about the McCarthy hearings or whatever?

I rather like this award set even if it is kinda meaningless, they even had a pretty good range amongst the serious films. (And Kung Fu Hustle!)
Smart popcorn? Think I missed a brief somewhere.
Smart Popcorn is a fun movie site, in the vain of Film Focus. I check it out occasionally.
Smart popcorn? Think I missed a brief somewhere.

Not at all... No need for briefs. (Not to suggest we lounge in the nude at SP.)

We're in many ways "just another movie website" and, yeah, the Smoppies aren't meant to carry much weight. I mean... They're called the Smoppies, after all. Just a reflection of our favorites and those of our readers.

If there's anything that sets us apart, it's our review system... We grade movies both on their artistry and, separately, on their enjoyability. Hence "Smart Popcorn". Because fun movies shouldn't have to compete with arthouse flicks for those measly five stars everyone else uses--at least, that's what we think.

Anyhow, thanks to everyone for the turnout. To think that we've got winners like Serenity, Batman Begins and Sin City alongside Capote and Brokeback Mountain--and that the general public chose them, not us--validates the notion that there really is something for everyone, so why exclude anyone?

Keep readin', and see you next year!
Can I award an honorary tub of popcorn to Sharan here, who brought this to my attention and asked me to post the link when the nominations were announced? *s*

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