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February 25 2006

Happy 40th Alex Denisof. 25 February is Alex's 40th birthday, many happy returns and great success in future projects.

PS it's my Birthday too! and a Hobbit too!

The big 4 oh. You couldn't tell it, big, handsome man he is. Happy birthday, Alex.
Ah, here's hoping Aly made breakfast in bed for *you* this morning! :~D
Happy Birthday AD! Remember to stay really, really good looking.
Many happy returns, and many more.
Happy birthday, Mr. Denisof! You are an incredible actor and not at all hard to look at, and I wish you many happy returns of the day.

P.S. Wasn't Seattle a great place to grow up?
My favorite Whedonverse actor, and a fellow Seattle-ite to boot. A very happy 40th to you, Mr. Denisof. (I'm right behind you...)
Alexis, Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have a great one! I can't wait to see you on HIMYM! I hope I look half as good as you do in 10 years (wow, I thought you were around my age).
Happy Birthday!
I refuse to believe he's 40. There's just no way.
Happy Birthday Alexis! I can't wait to see his future work - he transformed Wesley into the most compelling character on Angel by a mile. Whilst not being hard to look at. Here's to a wonderful year (*raises cup of tea* Well, I've only just woken up)!
Gotta agree with Harmalicious. I'm ten years away from the big four-oh my god! myself and i'll definately be okay with it if i look as good as Alexis at that point.

Happy birthday, AD!
And if they'd made _him_ James Bond, they wouldn't be in all that trouble now.
Well, I'm glad to see that some people are not being sexist by concentrating solely on how very very good looking he is....
Um, yes, he is a very talented actor and I wish him all the best on his 40th.
Lioness, was that comment really necessary? Firstly, i fail to see how commenting on how he looks is sexist. Superficial maybe but hardly sexist. More importantly though, what difference does it make if we do comment on the fact he looks good for his age. It's the truth.

Should i ever have the unlikely honour of a thread being dedicated to me on my 40th birthday i'll be more than happy to read comments saying that i don't look bad for my years.
Wesley is my absolute favorite charcter in the verse. Happy Birthday, Alexis! May the following year bring you joy, comfort and love. Looking forward to many more works from you.
Happy birthday, and good luck in the next decade!
Vampire with a gun? Sarcasm. I thought it was funny that some people were concentrating on his looks alone, which would call up just such a comment as mine if it was a woman they were commenting on. And I thought I made it clear that I too found him very good looking. Sorry if I wasn't clear enough for you.
Lioness, trust me, i picked up on the sarcasm. I simply didn't see the need for you to make the comment at all.

Commenting on how somebody is aging well in a thread that is dedicated to them just turning 40 is hardly unlikely or inappropriate and, as i said before, in no way sexist. Particularly as at least one of the people who mentioned it, that being myself, is both straight and of the same gender as the person in question.

Had the topic of this thread been Alexis winning an award for his acting ability then i'd agree that commenting on his looks might have been a little out of place and your sarcastic comment might have been in order. In this thread, however, i beg to differ.
I'm not sure what exactly precipitated the heated discussion, but let's take it elsewhere. Thanks.
Sorry, SNT, it wasn't supposed to be coming across as heated in any way but i honestly believed the original comment Lioness made was unnecessary and a little rude given the thread's subject matter. Apologies, all done now.
It's only now that I learn I share a birthday with Alexis Denisof. Now if only he'd been willing to share his wife...

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