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February 26 2006

Writing superhero tales for comic books. Article talks about "Well-known authors are getting the break they've dreamed of:" and how this new turn in comics that is luring new readers into comic book stores. Joss naturally is mentioned a few times, "... and anything Joss Whedon does sells."

I have to agree with the article about well known authors bringing in new readers as I only started reading comics because of Joss. The first comics I ever bought were the Serenity prequels.
I came back to comics with Astonishing X-Men and was amazed at how the quality of storytelling had improved in other books as well. "Celebrity" books are still a mixed bag, not every story is the success that Astonishing is.
I'm reading more comics now than I have in a while partly due to Joss and partly other influences ('Batman Begins' inspired me to read a few Batman trades when I hadn't read any of the monthlies in a long time - turns out Gotham's been destroyed and rebuilt, Commissioner Gordon's retired and Bruce Wayne's been to jail after being wrongfully convicted of murder. I dunno, you turn your back for 14 years and it's like events occur without you even being there. Next, people will be claiming the world continues to function when i'm asleep).

I'm tempted to try some of the newer 'Black Widow' comics (even tho' i've never really had any interest in the character) solely because they're being written by Richard Morgan whose sci-fi novels i've very much enjoyed so the cross-over of writers is, IMO, definitely attracting new readers. Though it's true the quality can vary (a friend was deeply unimpressed by Orson Scott Card's Ultimate Iron Man) so clearly being a good (or at least successful) novelist is no guarantee you can write comics.
I tend to buy comics based on the writers rather than characters, though I'll go for anything involving The Punisher or Batman. I've found that the best way to maneuver around the crap is to stick with the few writers whose work you respect.

That being said, I think Damon Lindelof's "Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk" is one of the most fun comics out right now. Damon and Joss make the transition from TV to comics seem quite natural.
Saje, I have to agree. I've been out of comics for only a few years, and things have changed greatly. Unfortunately, I can't yet get back to them regularly (money is short), but I do pick up Astonishing X-Men and some Spider-Man books, and am going to the San Diego Comic Con for the first time.

Ah, I love comics...

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