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February 26 2006

'The Book of Liz' play co-starring Tom Lenk. It is currently running at the Blank Theatre in Hollywood. Fri-Sat at 8; Sun at 2. Closes March 26.

Also I just noticed on IMDb that he has a small role in Aly's "Date Movie" as a character named "Frodo" (!)
Indeed, chickenbird: as mentioned by Rogue Slayer and others on this very page.
In digging around on the Blank Theater website, I find that one Loni Peristere is the chairman of the board. Loni co-founded Zoic and did mucho effects work on Mutant Enemy shows. Former ME folks are everywhere! More proof that Mutant Enemy is taking over the world.

And then I see that Noah Wyle is the Artistic Producer at the Blank Theater. Could it be ER Noah Wyle??? Could it be the Noah Wyle who is, and I'm sad to say this, making a sequal to The Librarian???

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