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February 26 2006

Interview with Inkworks President Alan Caplan about the Serenity cards. He talks a bit about the process of creating the cards and says that he was very pleased with the sales.

SerenityStuff is a very good site. Good interview as well.
Yuhu. I was looking into the sites surrounding the movie and the show today, to see which areas are well covered. SerenityStuff covers the merchandise market of the franchise very, very well.

There's still a lack of a site which has complete references for all the pop culture moments in the script of Serenity, the layouts of the ship, the journey from Fox to Universal and all that raz.
You volunteering, gossi?
Interesting concept for a site, gossi, and also one that would undoubtedly take ages to put together.

Re: Simon: SerenityStuff is easily in my top five favourite sites list, but I do wish they had a newsletter since I can never remember to check it daily.
Faith, there is a forum on called "Across The Cortex News" which syndicates and Whedonesque. At the top right of the forum you can subscribe to it, and get emails once a day/week/whatever with a list of all the new topics posted at these sites.

Re that site, yeah, it'd take forever. I'm not entirely sure I'm volunteering. The next big update to the .org site may include tools for the users to build the site themselves, though, with people acting as editors (think Wikipedia).
I hoped the sales went well, I bought an entire box.
Oh awesome, thanks for the info, gossi. I'm getting an error when I try to subscribe right now, but I'll try again later.

I like your site idea, definitely has potential.
Thanks, everyone!

Faith, I don't offer a newsletter because I've discovered from other endeavors that e-mail newsletters often get blocked by Internet providers with overzealous spam-blockers and it gets frustrating to explain to readers why some people can get it and some can't. Easier to offer RSS feeds. Although I appreciate gossi offering a workaround :)
I appreciate your RSS feeds more, Chris (and that's a sentence I never thought I'd type). 'cause I can just steal all the content and look like I know something about stuff. I should totally rename my site, or something similar.
Haven't ever gotten into trading cards . . . then again I said that about the figures, and have ended up buying quite a few of the six-inchers. A fun and lively interview. Not entirely loving the "gypsies" references, but this is neither the time nor the place for that discussion, methinks.
SNT - the gypsy comment made me twitch too - but the rest of the interview was good. I like the combination of an enthusiast with an entrepreneur!

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