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February 26 2006

Happy 44th birthday to Adam Baldwin. Also, Drew Goddard turned 31 yesterday.

Happy birthday to two of the best looking boys in the Jossverse (besides Joss himself of course).
Happy birthday, Adam and Drew! :)
Happy Birthday Adam! And belated to Drew!

Maybe I should get my Jayne action figure some cake...
oh HAPPY DAY, Adam--much joy to you
So I share a birth date with Alexis and a birth year with Drew Goddard... Now only if I had Goddard's talent!
Happy birthday to both.

(I'm a few months older than Drew. How appalling.)
Happy Birthday to both Adam and Drew.

(Drew Goddard is only 31 ? Pity, I used to have time for the guy, now I have to hate him on principle ;)
A Happy Birthday to the two of them. Who knew Drew was so young!
Happy Birthday, Drew! Happy Birthday, Adam!
Yeesh 31 for Drew? he was writing for Buffy at the age of 27? How the heck does THAT happen?
Septimus - not only was he just 27 but the genius that was Selfless was Drew's first TV script ever! Talented bastard!
Happy Birthday to both Adam & Drew, I wonder how many hats Adam will get in the post for his birthday?

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