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February 26 2006

Good Astonishing X-men #13 review from Silver Bullet Comicbooks. Five stars.

The link doesn't seem to be working...
Doh! Sorry about that. Fixed

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It is nice to read a nice review of the ish, since it seems all that I've read so far are bad reviews or reviews that say the issue was just...mediocre.

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It's not one of the better issues of Joss' run, but I still loved it.

Whedon brings back SWORD an organization he introduced in his premiere storyarc and appeared to forgot about in his last storyarc--if it was indeed his writing that produced the awful X-Men vs. Robot of a Star Trek Holodeck Gone Amok Plot.

Wow, did people really hate the Danger Room arc that much? I mean, I knew that a lot of people were disappointed with it--and no, it didn't offer a lot of time for character--but I certainly didn't think it was awful. I quite enjoyed it.

Then again, if I had been as up on X-Men continuity as I am Spider-Man continuity, maybe I would've thought of it as a re-tread.
I'd go so far as to say that the Danger Room arc was the least interesting thing Joss has ever written. Not bad, just didn't meet my huge expectations. I loved the first half-season.
I wasn't crazy about "Danger" but I certainly didn't hate it. It just struck me as a little too typical. But Joss said he learned about what readers expected from The X-Men and wow! Did he deliver in Astonishing #13! It got the reaction from me every comics writer wants: I can't wait to read Astonishing #14. And I have to wait, what two months? It's like the freakin' SOPRANOS.

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