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February 27 2006

Serenity released on DVD in the UK today. So to mark this occasion, here's some glowing reviews from SFX magazine, Empire Magazine and Total Film as well.

Hehe, yep, it would seem Ian Berriman is a big ol' fan himself. I love this review to bits. It's almost sickeningly positive (in a good way) :-)
I bought it at 8.50am this morning :)
I'm heading to the shops after work to get it. Good reviews!
Mine just arrived from Amazon. Sci-fi and stir-fry tonight! :)
Anyone get the HMV version? Are the art cards worth getting?
I will be going to HMV tonight, will post when I get home and have seen them.
Nice reviews...the SFX one especially...hits all the right points, from my perspective.
Apparently Virgin Megastores offers a choice of two covers. The US version (oh dear lord no) or the UK one.
Other choices offered include 'Free Sex' or 'Being Slapped with a Still Wriggling Halibut' and 'Life Everlasting' or 'Life Everlasting (post burial)'.

Hey, some may prefer the US cover, who knows ?

(well, OK, we know as do most people with eyes but who else, I ask you ?)
Simon, I picked up my copy from HMV today. IMO, the art cards are definitely worth getting - storyboards and production art, rather than the "static shot of character X from promo pictures" that you sometimes end up with. Plus, it's actually at a pretty decent price - at least, for this week (14.99).
Yes, the cards are very well done.
Can anybody tell me where to find the fruity-oaty bar easter egg as I have completely forgot.
Down, right, right IIRC. The circle on the right-hand bit of the border goes red.

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