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February 27 2006

Larry Bagby III co-stars in Walk the Line... out on DVD on Tuesday (28/2). The biographical movie of the life of Johnny Cash co-stars Larry Bagby III from the early seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Larry plays Marshall Grant, one of the band members for Johnny Cash. He has a pretty decent-sized role in the movie.

Hopefully this qualifies as a great topic. I, for one, was very excited to see Larry in such a great movie. Go Larry!
Great movie. And I'm not even into JC.
Loved the movie. Loved Larry Bagby. Loved Reese Witherspoon even more!

When it comes out in the U of the K I shall be buying it!
Also with the movie love.
I didn't recognise him. Huh. Enjoyed the film, mostly because I'm keen on Cash. It felt a little too tv movie / mini series to me.

Try not to use 'tomorrow' in headlines. And in this case I would have tried to emphasize Larry's role in the headline rather than the description - making it more relevant to the whedonesque audience.
I was well chuffed to see Larry in Walk the Line - I went with another Buffy fan and she and I both spotted him and went "What the? That's so cool!!"

Oh, and the movie rocked my socks off.
I didn't actually notice it was Larry.
Well there have only been like four stories posted to this site about Larry being in the movie since July last year.


What don't you people ever read this site????

Heh, I did not notice him when watching the movie either. Guess I'll have to turn in my laminated buffy-obsession-card soon, especially after what RavenU wrote above ;-).

Just wrote a (late, granted) review of this movie yesterday, by the way (for those interested, and able to read dutch, it'll be published online somewhere tomorrow afternoon). I was especially impressed with the acting and thought that fact alone lifted it to a higher plane than most 'tv movie' fare. If Reese Witherspoon happens to bag an Oscar for her performance, it'll be well deserved as far as I'm concerned.
I did notice Larry too. I thought the film was very good, enjoyable if not ground breaking. Also of interest to me was Cash's guitar player, who was played by Dan John Millar, a really talented musician from the band Blanche. And his wife Tracee Mae, who is also in Blanche, was in one scene of the film, which was pretty cool.
Thanks for the tips on topic posting. I try my best.

Anyways about the movie... I could have cared less about Cash before seeing the movie, I went because of Reese and then noticed Larry and was even more excited. But the movie really got me interested in him and I went on to get his CDs and watch his videos and as of midnight tonight I will be picking up my Walk the Line copy... that goes into my Reese Witherspoon Collection, and then my bonus Buffy Cast Movie Collection.
Considering the last thing I saw 'Larry' in was a hot dog commercial, this gives me a happy for him. Further success to you, you semi-recognizable character-actor-guy!
More success to you, Larry!

Grandma is proud!
If you want to cry, after watching this movie, go and find the last song Johnny Cash did. It's only a few years old, and it's a cover of a Nine Inch Nails song. It's heartbreaking.
Yes I saw that commerical and one for Olive Garden, but have you seen him in the salsa and white carpet commerical.
Heh, oh yeah, the one with the toddler. I remember, now.

Were that my carpet, he'd be a dead man!

Does it seem to anyone else that 'Clem' and/or 'Adam' is in just about every third commercial, these days? :)
If you want to cry, after watching this movie, go and find the last song Johnny Cash did. It's only a few years old, and it's a cover of a Nine Inch Nails song. It's heartbreaking.

The music video is even more heartbreaking. Btw, "Hurt" is the title of the song.
I remember a few years ago rewatching Hocus Pocus and being dumbstruck to notice that he was one of the thugs that picks on the main character and steals his sneakers (and also gets stuck up in the cages at the end). :)
Larry has been on Best Buy and Glad-wear commercial--this is an incredible step up for him. I'm quite the Cash groupie, loved this movie to death.

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