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February 27 2006

Roush thinks Invasion will "go the way of Firefly" , meaning sell well on DVD even though it will probably be cancelled. 2nd to last question on the page.

Has anyone been watching Invasion? It started kind of slowly, but lately it's really picked up the pace, and right now it's one of my favorite shows on television. I think this is the first show I'll be upset to see go so seen since Angel.

I've been watching it regulaly since it began. But I gather than someday we will get to have a combo box set of Invasion paired with American Gothic, at this rate.
Sad to say, if it goes, I won't miss it that much. I pretty much only watch it for Tyler Labine, a great Canadian actor that's been around a while. I think he's awesome. Been watching his career since Breaker High(if any Canadians remember that show, 10 points to you).
Yeah, I'll miss it too if it's cancelled - been watching since Ep1.
Another Invasion fan here. This show is very underrated and it will be a great shame if it doesn't get a second season, but i'm not holding my breath.

At this rate the only show i'll be looking forward to season two of next year is Supernatural.
When invasion went on the air, I missed some episodes, but for the past 2 months I have been following it religiously! I love the show, and I need to see more! I will be sad if it gets cancelled, but it won't go the way of Firefly, cause, it has gotten to the end of this tv season.
I started out watching a few new shows this year: Invasion, Threshold, Supernatural, and Prison Break. Threshold got cancelled, and Supernatural and Prison Break got boring after a few episodes. Invasion is the only new show that I want to get a second season, and that seems very unlikely.
I think "Invasion" is pretty fantastic, especially William Fitchner as Sheriff Tom Underlay (a performance that deserves Emmy consideration).

The hell with the DVD. I demand a second season.
I hope Matt is wrong, I think Invasion has more depth than Lost.
Is that the show where they put a dead body in the trunk of a car that had spikes popping out of it and it was really gross and there's some kid with a preoccupation for being creepy and the blonde haired Mom smells funny and is an alien and doesn't know it and it started with a hurricane so everyone's all messed up and why do I feel like I'm describing more than one television series?

I saw a couple episodes early on. I wouldn't compare it to Serenity. I wouldn't compare it to psychos because it would be an insult to the psychotic community.

I almost watched Supernatural, but it's on one of those networks that I've singlehandedly boycotted.
I think Invasion is one of the best written and acted shows on TV, on the other hand I can't stand Surface, it has to one of be the worst shows on TV, yet Surface gets higher ratings than Invasion, go figure.

The people that watch Invasion on DVD will be shaking there heads at the stupidity of studios executive, however they should be shaking there heads at the stupidity of viewers. Viewers that would choose to watch trashy Sci-Fi, like Surface over a quality show like Invasion.

Hopefully the creators of Invasion will see the writing on the wall and give us a satisfying conclusion.

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I think your criticism is a little unfair, ZM. It's really unfolded quite nicely since you saw it last.
I like both Invasion and Surface, and both shows have gotten more and more intriguing over time. If one had to go, though, I'd rather it be Invasion, because I want to know what happened after the tsunami, and where the girly-man monkey is.

Of course, neither is Firefly, and both are likely to get cancelled, because people like us are destined to have unfullfilling sex TV-viewing lives.
I hope Matt is wrong, I think Invasion has more depth than Lost.

I don't know about that, but I do get the feeling that the producers of Invasion have a much better where their show is headed than the producers of Lost do.

And Matt does say that there is a possibility of Invasion surviving to a second season, but the odds are against it.
I gave up on Invasion after the first two episodes. Has it really improved that much? I'm afraid it was the first two eps that probably killed it.
I think William Fitchner deserves an Emmy (or an Oscar) every year of his life.

Dude acts! Hard.
Invasion really did improve after the first couple of episodes. I find I'd rather watch that before Lost (but after Veronica Mars).
It started off as a slow build, that's just gotten deeper aand more interesting as the story reveals itself. I don't mean to re-open the Lost debate, but I too find Invasion better, and it's a treat to watch William Fichtner especially. But I love the mother, too. I loved her as Beth on Wonderfalls, and she's very good.

And I made jokes at its expense in the beginning too, because the premise had been done before, but I kept watching because of the writing and acting, and when it started getting more complex and paying off, I was glad I did.

So the short answer, yes, in my opinion it has. In fact, I appreciate the beginning eps more now, because I know what comes later.
I've never seen Invasion. The promos for it just turned me off. I will definitely check it out on DVD though.

Been watching his career since Breaker High(if any Canadians remember that show, 10 points to you).

I used to watch "Breaker High," but I'm not in Canada. It used to air (in California at least) when I was in high school.
What attracted me to the show, believe it or not, was that Dr. Blonde Hybrid has the same name as one of my daughters. (No, my daughter is not named Blonde Hybrid.)
I've been watching Invasion from the start. (We're only up to episode 9 or 10 here on UK terrestrial TV, so no spoilers please.) After a few episodes, when I realized it might be discontinued before the story is resolved, I almost gave up watching it.

At least with Firefly each episode was to some degree a self-contained story. Yes, there were also long-running story arcs, and we're all disappointed those weren't developed. But we can still enjoy each of the 14 episodes on its own. However, Invasion is more like a serialization of a novel, and if it's cancelled without a resolution, it'll be like reading only half a novel.

Still, I'm now hooked to the point where I'll keep on watching despite the almost inevitable disappointment of a cancellation. What a sucker I am! ;)
I agree tichtich - Invasion does seem like it's very arc-heavy - you couldn't jump in to the 10th episode and instantly 'get it', like you (arguably) could with Joss's works. I'm not hooked on Invasion but it's a pleasant way to spend an hour and my fella gets all excited about it, so we're rooting for it here.
It comes nowhere near Firefly for scope, characterisation, humour, dialogue, and general tv significance, but hey.
I'm watching it (in the UK, so not sure how far behind we are, the last episode aired was the one with the policeman with the arm). Talk about slow build - very little seems to be happening. I am strangely drawn to the alien dolphins though, so will keep going with it.

I keep wanting there to be more to it - it's been quite obvious so far, and I keep thinking there is going to be a twist and then no, it turns out the creepy sinister man actually is evil.
I've really enjoyed watching 'Invasion' so far, although perhaps I am biased because I think Kari Matchett (who plays Dr Mariel Underlay) is drop-dead gorgeous. I know that's not a great reason to like the show, but these things do make a difference.

I also really like 'Surface'. It's not a great show by any means, but I have fun watching it, which is good enough for me.

I'd love to see both shows come back for a second season, but the signs don't look very encouraging at the moment.
Invasion is unusual for me in that despite the fact i'm fairly certain that it's going to be cancelled with probably no real resolution to the mystery of the aliens i'm still watching every week. Normally once i'm aware a show is going to be axed i don't bother with it anymore because i refuse to get attached to the story or characters only to have them ripped away by a triggerhappy network.

This is one of those shows that hooks you early though and i'll stick with it right till the end, even if the end is far too soon. It's definately worth my time.

Not so keen on Surface though and i really didn't like Threshold.
I wasn't really into Invasion in the early eps but somewhere around the time the conspirator couple showed up and the deputy cut off his arm the show got really better. I didn't like the slow build at the beginning(unlike Lost whose slow build I enjoy) but things have really been ramping up lately and things are starting to make more sense. I hope the writers have the sense to make a "plan b" resolution in case of cancelation.
Maybe a spoiler warning for those in the UK if US peeps want to discuss plot?

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