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February 27 2006

Slug It Out on Slither. Design the winning TV spot for Nathan Fillion's new movie and you could win $25,000 (only open to residents of the USA). The website does give you some cool clips, music and sound fx to work with (plus you can record your own voice over). As concepts go, it's pretty darn cool.

Wow. If only they'ed done this with Serenity!
I am having so much fun playing drag and drop with these clips and mixing sounds in.
Ditto. Even people with no interest with watching the film initially will have a play to win $25,000. And I bet they go and see it in the end. It's a fantastic promo idea.
Thatīs a cool idea! Why am I not living in the US again? *sighs*
And yes with Serenity this would have been extra fab, someone write this idea down if there ever might be a sequel!
Wow. If only they'ed done this with Serenity!

No frickin' kidding.
Can I third the agreement with gossi? I don't think people third things too much, I heck, I'll go for it! Good idea, gossi. That would've been super fun.
I Fourth it! Ha beat that! oh wait....

Fab idea, 25k is not alot for a studio, but for a fan or a regular joe, that is a lot of moooollah...(money).
I don't think they'll pick me if I just put in clips featuring nathan, and only nathan, on a loop.
Yeah, this would have been great for "Serenity." :-( But, it still totally *rocks*! ;-)
Wow, that's such a good idea. Of course, I don't live in the US and I'm not going to be watching Slither (gross = not fun, in my book) - although I'll be checking out reviews to see what people thought of Nathan's performance ;-)

And echoing everybody else: this would have been amazing for Serenity, I agree. On the other hand: Serenity had a built-in online fandom, so there wasn't a need to mobilise people in that way.

Now if only they would've done this for the Serenity DVD cover or something ;-)
this would have been amazing for Serenity

Different creative team involved.
Different creative team involved.

As far as I know it's not. But I could be wrong.
I hope we get to see several of these trailers . ..
What a great way to promote the flick. Hope to see more stuff like this in future.

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