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February 27 2006

Jane Espenson Referenced on '24'. On tonight's episode of '24,' Audrey uses the alias "Jane Espenson".

I have no proof of this other than I watched the episode. Kim Raver's character, Audrey, used Jane's name to trick an unsuspecting secretary into leaving her desk. David Fury writes for '24' this season, but was not credited with this particular episode. Perhaps he had some input, though. I thought it was cool and squealed when I heard her name.

This shout-out was awesome! I cheered and explained it to my friends, who of course didn't care like I did.

This episode was actually really good. The last several episodes were kind of crappy, but it looks like the show's back on track now.
I heard it too. Awesome.
That's so funny. I bet Jane will be so proud.
I thought my ears were tricking me! Very cool.
Much like Invisible Green I tried to explain to my friends why I just gasped and made the happy face, but alas, they did not care very much. I do adore Jane Espenson.
I've changed your link to that of where they mention the Jane Espenson shout out.
Damn, I finally watched 24 on my DVR and I thought 'aha', I have a news item again after 3 years of no submissions! I'm off to sulk.
I spit out my water when I heard her name.
Much spitting of beverages here, too. Whoever dropped that name in just *rocks*! ;-)
David Fury is an executive producer, I believe. We see his name in the opening credits every week. I bet when folks were sitting down for this episode, the main writer was like, "Hey, does anyone have an alias Audrey can use?" Fury probably piped up and recommended it, knowing full well that some fans of the Whedonverse would pick up on it.

That's the way I envision it, anyway.
I tell people I'm Jane Espenson all. the. time. and nooobody cares...
Well, and Howard Gordon worked with Jane et al on "The Inside," so, there's a couple potential sources for the reference.

Me, well, I had to replay the moment before I was sure that's what she'd said. So. Cool.
Maybe Fury just wanted to feel the ripple of smiles around the globe and watch the 'verse twitch a little? Or it was just a thoughtful little shoutout that I bet made JE blush.

I laughed out loud when I heard her name, which admittedly was a reaction somewhat at odds with the tension in the scene. ;)

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