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February 28 2006

Sarah Michelle Gellar's 'Thank You' letter to her fans on which celebrates its 10th anniversary today. In the letter Sarah also describes her experiences from shooting 'The Air I Breathe' and 'Southland Tales'.

Hey she watches Buffy in Spanish, I find that really cool.
That was cool. But damn hard to read!
Still reeling from how well she spoke russian in the sequence from the S5 opener they used in Nightwatch, smart people behind that film, - if we want to make a film about vampires we must include a Buffy shout out. She is indeed one of the few people that can travel around the world and wherever she is, turn on a TV and look at herself speaking the local language.

Looking forward to both Southland Tales and Air, they both sound interestingly different.
Did we know she wasn't a night person? Might explain why she was so exhausted after 7 years on Buffy.

I wish her the best of luck on her movies, can't wait to see Southland Tales when it's finally done.
Kinda weird letter. It was almost exclusively about how great the cast members is that she works with. Almost like some sort of awards speech. Which is nice and all but it doesn't really tell us anything about her (unlike Jewel's "Dear Roj" which by the way, been a while now). Although the fact that she actually watches Buffy still (in Spanish none the less, something I could never stand) is sorta interesting.
That's a nice letter. I wonder if she remembered herself that it'd been 10 years or if someone gave her a heads up (just bothering to write the letter was cool but if she remembered as well that'd be too cool for school).

I also found it a little hard to read. Presumably it's a scan of a letter she sent the site but since it's laser printed anyway (either that or SMG has the most beautiful, uniform handwriting i've ever seen ;) it might've been easier to read if they'd just transcribed it.

Djungleurban, yeah, it's maybe a little impersonal but, in fairness, how much of yourself do you feel comfortable sharing with potentially millions of complete strangers ? Just reminds me how lucky we are with stuff like Joss's posts and Jewel's 'Dear Roj' letters.

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You're right Saje, I guess we're pretty spoiled here. I guess I've just become accustomed that everything from the big leagues is rather personal, which when I think of it is a bit dumb of me. We're very privileged here and it's easy to take that privilege for granted. And to boot, Sarah has always been very private person so I guess I should appreciate what she did. Bad me...

Also, I think I'd be pretty comfortable sharing things with potentially millions of complete strangers. Only I'm not sure if even .0001% of that million would actually care. :)
Man, watching Buffy in Spanish when I go to the Dominican Republic, is brutal. So not funny!! I love that she threw in the Buffy mention....can't forget your roots SMG!! Can't wait to see her films.
Hehe, i know it's wrong to dwell on just the Buffy mention considering all the movie stuff she wrote about too but i thought that was really cool of her to say that. Nice to see her mention the show, even in passing. It says a lot about her appreciating where a large number of her fanbase comes from.

Really nice letter from a really nice lady. :)
You know, I spent five days in Costa Rica last fall, and I found myself checking out both Buffy and The Simpsons in Spanish and I don't even speak the language. It's crazy, the appeal of strange, foreign, WRONG voices coming out of the mouths of people we know (be they fictional or cartoony).
I am not someone who follows SMG's career, but that was a very nice read. That is an amazing group of people she has been working with. Though the post may seem to not talk about herself, it does in that she is talking about what is important to her. Good for her.
Okay why can't SMG just type into a blog or message board like the rest of us? How come she has to create a gif file using a caligraphy font that is difficult to read without a wide screen tv for a monitor? Next thing ya know she'll be sending her fan base PDF files. Sheesh. She should take a page from Nick Brendan's book. He does audio blogs! Nyeah!
That was sweet of her, and the letter was adorable. It's much more than a lot of people do.
Well that was nice. Although I agree it felt a teensy bit like an awards speech Then again, as others say, we ARE very spoiled here at W when it comes the creative folk coming down from mount Olympus to speak. So to speak;-)

Funny about the Spanish Buffy. Anyone ever try the other language audio options on the DVDs? Spanish and French... It's both funny and gruesome. Hey I used to live in Holland, and I'm glad to say we're pretty much the only country in Europe that does NOT dub over their foreign shows and movies. We use subtitles, so I heard Buffy & co all speak in their own original voices from day one, and praise the gods for that one!

Seriously, I shudder to think how it would sound in badly dubbed Dutch! Oh, and the Spike voice in French is so funny I couldn't believe it!

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Now i'm curious. Was the French Spike voice actor still putting on a British accent ? Cos that'd be both weird and hilarious in roughly equal measure.
Buffy in Spanish changes the show from one with sophisticated language play to one with good looking people who kill monsters. Still good, but...

I'm thinking that the season long arcs work structurally like the telenovelas without the gnawed-on scenery. Could be part of the appeal, especially since the Buffy-speak gets eliminated in translation. (I don't know how anyone would maintain it and I applaud anyone who attempts it, translation is a difficult, difficult thing to do).
The Firefly series is fun to listen to in spanish or french after one has listened to it so many times in english you know what they're saying without hearing it having to hear it in the native tongue. The scene in "Out Of Gas" where Wash and Mal are screaming at each other on the bridge and then Jayne steps in to tell them they're using up all the air? HIGH-larious in spanish!

I wish if they came out with a 'deluxe set' or something that the series would be dubbed in chinese and then whenever chinese was used in the original, the literal english translation would be said. That'd be like DRINKING GAME funny.

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That was very nice of Sarah. She seems to really appreciate - this is not the first time she's sent them a note. It's a good site and they deserve this.

Anyway, I'm glad to read about her 2 upcoming movies. The Air I Breathe sounds like a fantastic project. She's moving up. I mean working with not only Kevin Bacon but Andy Garcia as well? Great stuff!
What I liked best was hearing that The Air I Breathe is her most challenging role yet. I really want her to challenge herself in her acting.

Nice of her to write to her fans - although I suspect she's still looking for the comfort zone with that, she being, as we know, a rather private gal.
As a fan of SMG, I'm seriously pleased that she discussed TAIB and Southland Tales. Those are exactly the things I want to hear about. I think a lot of other people would agree. Since she was writing this while on the set of TAIB, I don't think there is anything more personal she could write about. Realistically. I'm also not surprised that she mentioned all of the people she's working with. I actually find it endearing since I think it's due to a little bit of modesty. I don't think she gets that a lot of us would like to hear about her rather than all of these other great actors.

I'm pretty sure ZachsMind was joking, but just to clarify that SMG sent an e-mail, letter or whatever and smgfan put together the gif file in the same style they've put together the other few messages from SMG that they've received.
This was posted by The Host in the fourms here

Yes, it's authentic. It's not her handwriting, of course - it was formatted by the Hostess to look artistically like a letter - but we received this yesterday for our anniversary.

On a related note, please make note of the fact Sarah does not maintain a direct web presence.. We have verified this beyond any doubt.

The handwriting comment confused me for a moment because it does look like SMG autograph signatures I have seen but I suppose The Hostess just has a similiar style

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I wasn't joking. I'd so watch the series again dubbed in chinese.
FYI, I'm pretty certain that the text from Sarah's letter was just typed into a graphic program onto a repeated background pattern. I don't think someone wrote that out unless they have ADD with making each letter look the same. :)

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