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February 28 2006

(SPOILER) Adam Baldwin has some Bones to pick. Adam will play Agent Kenton, a fellow FBI agent of David Boreanaz's character Booth on the March 15th episode of Bones called "Two Bodies in the Lab".

I smell a reunion!
Angel Vs Hamilton: The Rematch! ;)
Hehe :) Cool to see, should be fun to have the two of them sharing screen once again.
Excellent! Very appropriate casting, and always a pleasure to see Adam Baldwin.

Does anyone know if Bones will be on at 8:00 at that point? I did not find it last week, and things were too hectic for me to search the computer for it. I have been looking forward to Bones being on at 8 and VM at 9.
The last commercial I saw advertised it as being on at 8 pm...I remember because the hubby said, "Man, Fox is giving that show the kiss of death by moving it all over the place, huh?"
Beautiful! Baldwin and Boreanaz in Bones.
newcj: Bones wasn't on last week because of American Idol, and the next new episode is March 8th at 9/8c. And the link to Futon Critic says it'll be on 8ET beginning with Adam's episode.
Shiny to see our peeps working so much! :-)
Even more reason to watch Bones (like DB wasn't enough eh?) - can't wait to see them together. They might be probably a lot more civil in this meeting than the last.
I saw this listed on the other night, David and Adam! Excitement!
Cool. And, hey, if he's a fellow FBI agent, he could be a recurring character...
Unless he gets blown up.
Cool. And, hey, if he's a fellow FBI agent, he could be a recurring character...

Isn't Adam in a show that was picked up for next season?
Adam is cast in a pilot. There are no guarantees that it will be picked up.
Yay! Awesome, Boreanaz and Baldwin back together again, sweet!

I just wish they would pick a day and/or time to air the show and stick with it!
Hey zeitgeist, nice to have you back. Hope you're both doing better.
I'd rather see Boreanaz and Marsters together on screen again. But I guess that would be stunt casting.
Hooray! *spazzes* I think he'll be great with the rest of the Bones cast, too.
I can't wait for the ep in general, it looks really good.

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