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February 28 2006

You too can destroy Serenity and its crew if you play really badly as Kaylee in this viral game which promotes the UK release of the Serenity DVD.

I'll get back to you on what happens if you actually win.

Score so far:

Serenity crew dead 2 : Serenity crew saved 0.

I'm so bad at this.
I'm assuming it is actually possible to save the ship.
Nothing happens when you finish it. Hurray!
Really? I'll just continue blowing up Serenity then.
Well, you see some CGI of Serenity flying away.
When you save the ship, it shows the end of the movie with Serenity flying by and the piece coming off and Mal saying "What was that?"
Yes - that line now has a new meaning for me. It actually looks like they rerendered the CGI - it's a bit Playstationy now.
Damn, I found it really traumatic to see Serenity blow up...
Yes, after Joss brings Wash back in "Serenity 2: Been Here Before", he then plans to blow the ship up. Oh knoe!
Does this work on macs? I get the Serenity DVD cover next to an odd rectangular screen with part of a red ball in the upper right corner, a background that seems to be moving but shows nothing, and a lot of duh-duh-DUH style music. But that's it. Clicking my mouse or pressing keys seems to do nothing....
I got that too...I can check OSX, but OS9 has the above thing happening.
Blast it, doesn't work with either. To the PC!
I saved it right away... slackers! ;)
Im using it firefox.... not working here either.

Just tried it(and won) using Internet Explorer. Damn you Bill Gates!

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I had to fire up IE as well. It's a conspiracy!

When River said "I sense a problem in the photon reactor" I thought it would be far more likely that she would have said "The puppies drown while the music plays on. Boom!" or something.
"The puppies drown while the music plays on. Boom!"

I pictured her saying that and have yet to quit laughing.
I played it in Firefox for the record :)
Ageed jam2, I think a part of me died, just a little bit. In other news, I did get all of the key codes right the first time.

zz9, River should say that in the sequel. That's a quote just waiting to happen!
I have a mac and am using safari and it works for me.

*dies* I think Serenity blowing up is kind of funny.
Is that supposed to be enticement to purchase the dvd? Be the mechanic, and get some second rate George Lucas-y lines from the characters who wouldn't have a clue what the parts were?

Well that'll just bring em on in droves. Sheesh, why can't they have you fighting Reavers with a hatchet? Or fly the ship through an Alliance flotilla!

Hey why not offer the position of space plumber up to fix that leaky toilet that threatens their illegal cargo of alliance toilet paper...hijinks ensue! Lara Croft eat your heart out! We've got River the psychic plumber!
I have IE and Flash 8 and I still can't play it. I can see bits if I right click and hit play but I can't play it. phooey!
That was too easy, the Mal horseshoe game was much better, not to mention addictive.
Yeah the horseshoe game was way addictive :) At least they've put in some effort though. Was interesting to blow up Serenity and if it meant we got another film I'd almost say it'd be worth seeing it happen on the big screen - not sure I could take the trauma though ;)
Well, the first time I failed completely (took me a while to realize where the hell Kaylee's note was), and the Serenity exploded. I was utterly mortified. Seriously. My heart cried.

But, luckily, I saved her on the second try. Way too easy. But it was neat seeing the Serenity made with video game-esque a nice tease of what a real game would be like.
Loved the horseshoe game but couldn't beat it. Just keep going faster and getting harder inevitably the captain always wins. Then again, it's his ship.

The Kaylee game I got right the first try. Really wish Whedon could produce a fully plotted CD-Rom game that featured a 3-D interior of the ship you'd get to romp around in. You'd start in the ship alone, and it'd look kinda like it was in Out Of Gas, and you'd pick up clues that'd help you 1) figure out what happened to the crew and 2) help you fix the ship so you could go rescue them.
I had to fire up IE as well. It's a conspiracy!

I just played it in my Firefox browser.It worked just fine! And I saved the ship. Well...after I blew it up once and had to try again. What fun!!
Lord, Chinese is an actual language! (Albeit, one that I've forgotten.) They even screw up the English too which surprised me, by using the wrong "to/too."

Still, they threw a bunch of random radicals at you--some which I think they made up-- and I was a bit baffled as to what it all meant so the ship blew up before I noticed what they were going for. (Who needs to read instructions to games? Scoff.) It's a cute little game, though I sort of wonder who they're going for (demographics wise) since the glory of being the cute bubbly female ship mechanic might be lost on most who come across it online.

The horseshoe game though, AWESOME. Rather miss it.
No go here, in Camino, Firefox, or Safari.
ZachsMind...really interesting game idea.

I'd buy it!
You miss the horseshoe game? You mean it's gone now? Dang. I liked that one. Wish I coulda saved it.
The horseshoe game is still on

With regards to a Serenity video game, there's a funny story about that which Simon knows about... Heh. Uhm. It's all my cats fault again.

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