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March 01 2006

Some details about first prequel book for SMG's "Southland Tales". "Southland Tales Book 1: Two Roads Diverge" is the first of a series of three prequel books that will lead readers to the point where the movie will begin.

I am really excited for the graphic novels and I'm EXTREMELY excited about the movie! It sounds amazing and interesting and all kinds of weird. Just what I like!
Can't wait for more from the man who brought us Donnie Darko. The cast for is so great, too; very excited here :)
Yeah, i'm looking forward to the film (I thought 'Donnie Darko' was brilliant and The Rock was the only redeeming feature of 'Be Cool' so this is like a twofer ;) and I really like the multiple media idea for storytelling. Seems like if it's done well you could end up with the best of all possible creative worlds (use comics to do what comics do best, films for what they do best etc.).
There's a five-page preview of the book at the artist's site.

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