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March 01 2006

(SPOILER) My next Buffy person would be Seth Green says Veronica Mars' Rob Thomas in the second part of this iFMagazine interview. Part one has Rob talking about emailing Joss about fan phenomena (contains spoilers for the latter half of Veronica Mars season two).

I just saw the entire first season of Veronica Mars last week. This show is ADDICTIVE. Season 2 so far has been just as great and I'm really scared that this will not be picked up for next season. Rob Thomas and Joss should create a show together.
That was a great interview! I love VM as much as I ever loved BTVS. I've been worried about VM's future due to the whole CW merging and Rob has given me hope. I look forward to another 6 seasons at least. I'd watch Veronica going through the FBI academy. Long Live Veronica!
I'm okay with that. ;) Much VM love.
Haven't we seen this already? I'm sure I read this last week...hmmm, maybe I read it somewhere else.

I'm a serious VM fiend too, just am hanging for it to come back.
I would love to see seth green on VM! especially since you know they'd use him in some strange unexpected way! like he could be the killer next year! lol. if i had to choose a cast member from buffy on vm, i think i'd want to see James Marsters...but anyway, i'm not the one who gets to make descisions.

I'm not tooo worried about VM being on CW, because the first time my news station announced the change they said- CW will be airing Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars. So... it makes me think that they must know some of the shows that are airing! i can't believe that came out of thin air.
Of the Buffy people I'd love to see Anthony Stewart Head as Giles!
I'm having a problem with the links, are they broken?

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