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March 02 2006

Interview with 'Slither' director James Gunn. He says of Nathan: I think he's a guy who has the chance to be the next Harrison Ford.

He's going to be in Firewall 2? Take the dog collar away!
I wonder if everyone saying that will jinx it. On a sidenote, gossi just might be the next .
I'm so completely going to see this movie. It looks like a good goofy horror movie.
I can't wait to see it as well. I don't like straight-up gore flicks, b/c, OMIGOD so boring, but one done with insouciant humor? I'm there! One of my favorite movies is Peter Jackson's Dead Alive, which must be the funniest gore movie ever.

And I can't see Fillion as Ford, really. Sorry Joss and James Gunn, and also Nathan. He has an essential sweetness to his nature, while Ford has this awesome crankiness that he's refined through the years. I can see him as a Ford-like action star with a different way with edgy quips, less cranky, more sardonic and bright natured.

I do hope that he gets to be as big a star as Ford though. And that he ages as well. (Seriously, Harrison Ford gets hotter with the years.)
But Nathan Fillion is capable of more than one facial expression.
Those wanting a laugh should watch 'Firewall', which opens this weekend in the UK: Harrison has one facial expression the entire time, which is 'my career is over'.

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That's not really fair Simon, Harrison Ford can do pensive and pensive while on the loo, pensive while on the phone, pensive while your family's being held hostage ... That's quite a range.

I know what you mean dottikin but I think NF can do the darkness extremely well too. The 'Get them into the vault' line in Serenity almost had me leaving the cinema in a two-prong plan to a) find a vault and b) get some people into it as soon as is humanly possible. Very convincing and, frankly, intimidating.

ETA: BTW, dottikin, if you liked Dead Alive (I know it as Braindead) you might enjoy Bad Taste which is played a bit less for laughs but has such incredibly disgusting and over the top gore that I found it fairly hilarious all the way through. But then I do have what might charitably be described as a warped sense of humour ;).

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I don't know young(er) Harrison was great as Indiana Jones and a swashbuckling hero. Sure now he's kind of always in the same roles over and over emotionally, but at least that has the range of security specialist to president... I'm assuming when they compare Nathan to him they're referring to the earlier days.
Nathan pulled off all the dark moments in Serenity well. His speech as they are leaving atmo after the bank heist? Brilliant. The speech after book dies and he tells everyone to get to work? I get shivers thinking about it.

[ edited by war_machine on 2006-03-02 19:53 ]
Agreed, war_machine, Nathan has shown that he can more than pull off the dark moments, and he can do evil too (Caleb) but he also does comedy brillantly as well - which makes me think he can do Harrison Ford one better.

I really enjoyed Harrison Ford in his heydays and still do (dottikin - you are right... the older he gets ;-).

However, I find myself really admiring Nathan's abilities on all fronts... he can absolutely act!! I wish him all the success he deserves. Go get'em Nathan.

BTW, Nathan you should sign up - we would love to hear from you.
Here's why I think Nathan is more versatile than any actor around. I can watch the outtakes of Serenity and LMAO over the "dirt nap with baby Jesus" thing, truly, but when the actual scene comes along in the course of watching the whole movie, I don't think about the joking at all -- I'm just stunned all over again about how Mal has reached the end of his tether and is really capable of shooting anyone in his way, friend or foe. And then he comes back to redemption, equally believably, in what Joss called the "St. Crispian's Day" speech. That's an amazing range of emotions to deliver with credibility, and Nathan pulls it off totally.

*shakes head* I can't imagine why we're the only people who know about Nathan -- so far! Good luck with Slither and White Noise 2, Mr. Fillion! :-)
billz, don't forget Waitress with Keri Russell. That is probably the movie that will get him the most exposure. Let's hope it is good.
Sorry, I wish NF good luck in his career, but I think if he makes it big, it will be as a comic hero, more like Bruce Campbell who really has more talent than a lot of actors. I really think that AT and AB are better actors. I also think that JM, AD and ASH are even better than them. I also think the latter three have the charisma to make it, but they are starting older and there's nothing to make one think that that's what they want. Right now, I think AB is taking off and that AT has a great career going as a character actor. No one is on the way to being Harrison Ford, or John Wayne before him, which is to say an icon: not an actor but someone who attracts people to watch them for their unique charisma. Right now the only one on that track is Will Smith. I would really like to see the Whedonverse actors do well, and I realize that my perspective is no more valid than anyone else's, but perspective please.
cmbackshane: I agree with a lot of what you said. I remember the first time I saw Bruce Campbell on Xena. He was delightful and I wanted to see more of him. I don't believe being a 'big star' has much to do with being a good actor. There are character actors who are outstanding and we don't even know their names. There are some 'star actors' who keep getting roles, but are boring to watch. Nathan is believable in every role I've seen him in. He has the talent. I hope he does well (means makes money) and finds projects he enjoys. I'd like to see him find his own unique place in the film world rather than be referred to as 'another Harrison Ford'. I guess time will tell.

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