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March 02 2006

(SPOILER) IDW Solicitations for June. Previews and covers for Angel related comics coming out this June.

Angel Spotlight: Wesley

Scott Tipton (w), Mike Norton (a), Mike Norton, Walks, Kohse, Stamb (c)

It’s just another day at the office at Wolfram & Hart, which usually means only one thing: every man for himself! When a most lethal legal maneuver strikes down one of the associates, Wesley realizes that the path to Fred’s affections might once more be clear – but can he live with the ramifications? And advice from Spike, of all people, probably isn’t helping matters….

$3.99 * FC * 32 pages

Spike vs. Dracula #5

Peter David (w); Joe Corroney (a); Corroney, Howard, Murphy, Wight (c)

When Dracula goes to Los Angeles to meet with his law firm—Wolfram and Hart—he is astounded to find himself face to face with a non-corporeal Spike, who suddenly finds himself pleased about his ghostly state if it means he can spend his time following Dracula around and tormenting him endlessly. Concluding the epic, eras-spanning undead battle royale!

$3.99 * FC * 32 pages

Angel Scriptbook #4: "Waiting in the Wings"

Joss Whedon (w); Jeff Johnson (a & c)

Continuing monthly illustrated scriptbooks based on the very best Angel episodes pulled from its five-season run. Each specially priced 48-page scriptbook will feature the entire shooting script and full-page and spot illustrations inspired by the episode from artist Jeff Johnson. The fourth script offered in this series is from the third-season episode “Waiting in the Wings,” written and directed by series creator Joss Whedon. Issue #4 features 2 covers, a photo cover and a cover featuring art by Jeff Johnson.

$3.99 * B&W * 48 pages

Angel: The Curse Cover Gallery

Tim Bradstreet, Zach Howard, Igor Kordey, David Messina, more (a)

When Joss Whedon’s Angel exploded back onto the comics scene, he didn’t come alone. Carrying on his new adventures were some of the best artists in comics, including Tim Bradstreet, John Byrne, ChrisCross, Alex Garner, Zach Howard, Igor Kordey, series artist David Messina, Todd Nauck, Kelsey Shannon, Ashley Wood, and more. This special collection offers up all the covers from Angel: The Curse art in one beautiful volume.

$3.99 * FC * 32 pages

Angel: Old Friends TPB

Jeff Mariotte (w); David Messina (a)

Joss Whedon’s classic character returns for his next all-new adventure! When a strangely familiar, seemingly vampiric figure is spotted killing victims in Los Angeles, Angel, alone in semi-retired retreat while he figures out what's next for him, is lured back to the city to put a stop to the string of slayings. The case will reunite the vampire with a soul with old friends and old enemies–but it's impossible to tell which is which! Written by Angel novelist and comics writer Jeff Mariotte (Angel: The Curse) with full art and colors once again provided by David Messina (Angel: The Curse). If you’ve been waiting to see Angel’s supporting cast join him on a new comic book adventure, this one’s for you.

$19.99 * FC * 120 pages

I was wondering in what form the Wes story would take shape. Cheers.
I was curious about the Wes one too. Very happy to see Spike will be involved. I loved that bit in AHITW when Spike asked a clueless Angel about Wes and Fred - 'You didn't know?' Just the thought of Spike offering romantic advice makes me grin.

I've already got the Spike vs. Dracula series reserved at my local comics place. Now it looks like I'm going to be putting the Angel Spotlight: Wesley on the list too.

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