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July 19 2002

Snotty diva? Tim Goodman (my favorite tv critic) has a piece in today's SF Chronicle about the newly-announced Emmy nominees. His only complaint is that Buffy wasn't nominated, but he attributes it partially to the fact that SMG is "loathed in Hollywood for being a snotty diva." Ha!

From the end of the article: "Easily the most glaring omission was the lack of a writing nomination for Joss Whedon, who penned a highly acclaimed musical episode for his show 'Buffy, the Vampire Slayer.' But you won't hear much whining about the show itself being overlooked once again because it had its worst creative season ever. Also, series star Sarah Michelle Gellar is almost universally loathed in Hollywood for being a snotty diva."

That makes no sense. I thought being a snotty diva was a prerequisite to getting an emmy.
Lady Pele, you have a lot to learn about the art of the snarky comment. Watch ZachsMind closely. ;-)

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