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March 02 2006

Serenity DVD (R2) now available in Germany! Special 2 disc limited edition currently #5 at

did i miss a description of what's on the second disc in an earlier thread?
It´s exactly the same as the second one of the Australian Version, Scotto.
Yeah, but yesterday, I didn't have it yet, Simon. Now I do. Maybe tomorrow I'll even get around to opening it, to see if the cover looks as nice up close as it does on amazon.

(Besides, I still think it would be great if Whedonesque could link to as well as the .com version. _I_ would love to order through this site to support it, but I only order things from the States very rarely.)
Kessie -- you'd think that after flying Joss, Nathan and Summer to Germany and following them around with a TV camera for a whole day, including the Q&A in the evening, the Germans would use that material to create their own special features. But no, they only used it for their EPK, and I forgot to ask for one. Sigh.
Beschnell: I thought so, too. But well maybe for the special edition or something like that.
Kessie, do you _ever_ sleep? *s*

The thing is -- we already have a Limited Edition. How special can it get? (Plus, the guy I talked to at Universal Home Entertainment Germany wasn't even aware of the fact that Joss & co. had been in Hamburg, and that this material existed. Did I say sigh yet? *s*)
In my dreams they make a giant special edition with all the Q and A´s they did and with all the different pre screening messages and the River Tam sessions. But that are just my dreams. So I second the sigh. Oh and sleep? What´s that? ;)
>> Oh and sleep? What´s that? ;) <<

Obviously, I have no idea.
I agree, though -- the River Tam sessions belong on DVD. too.
Well, I expected the German Q&A up until I read that little note inside the case. They don't even have German subtitles for the second disc. But considering the quality of the subtitles for the first disc, it might be better that way. Somebody explain to them, that hiring 6th graders would a) be much cheaper and b) result in a much better translation. Alternatively giving the translator more than 20min might help.
I ordered my copie at yesterday (though I live in france, but the DVD is out only the 25th of april here, and not as a double-DVD set).

But considering the quality of the subtitles for the first disc, it might be better that way.

My only fear is that it could be impossible to watch, on this DVD, the original version without the german subtitle (some DVD are made this way: if you select the original version, you are forced to have subtitles too)... can anyone remove that fear?
Trienco, subtitling this _must_ be hell, though, because you can hardly do much more than summarize or paraphrase half of the dialog, and how on earth do you paraphrase Whedonspeak?

Besides, much as I appreciate the fact that this edition exists and that it has such a tasteful cover, but I don't think anyone has given much thought to its contents. They just copied the Australian DVD, and that was that. And while providing subtitles for the movie itself is simply the done thing, I guess nobody cared enough to put some extra care into this.

Which is not some new conspiracy against SERENITY. It's just a fact of life.

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