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March 03 2006

"Firefly" DVD price has dropped. As part of their "up to 50% off" sale of television series DVDs, (US) has just lowered the price of "Firefly" to $24.96, a savings of about $10 off their usual price.

Also on sale is Season 1 of "Barney Miller," co-starring our own Ron Glass, and Season 1 of genre series "Dead Like Me," co-starring Rebecca Gayheart (who was cast as Inara for about a day before the role was given to Morena Baccarin). And shop through Whedonesque's link, won't you (to the right, or above)? Help support the Black! Sales Rank: #2 in DVD

Party at 20th. Everybody invited. Must bring own gin.
How much of the DVD sales market does actually account for in the US? Shouldn't we be more interested in how Firefly or Serenity sells at Wal-Mark?
Very true, Simon. I think the past has told a high rating on Amazon doesn't neccessarily mean high overall DVD sales.

That said, 20th Century Fox have certainly made a freakin' fortune from Firefly, and a good reason for that is the marketing for Serenity. They made a very smart business move selling the rights to Universal.
Off-topic, but don't forget that Jewel Staite also makes an appearance in Dead Like Me's first season.
Off-topic, but don't forget that Jewel Staite also makes an appearance in Dead Like Me's first season."

A very memorable one at that. :)

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I know it probably means nothing, but the Wal-marts around my area all have a pretty fluid collection of TV on DVD. The stock is always changing, usually what ever is hot for that month. But Firefly seems to always be there. Must be selling to some degree for them to keep it around. Or perhaps I'm reading too much into it. Dunno.
I notice that on Top Sellers Serenity actually broke back into the top 10 for a short time yesterday after being in the low 20s for weeks. The price hasn't dropped there, is there new marketing I'm not aware of? Or maybe the Top Sellers takes into account the new International availability? Yeah, probably this means nothing either...

eta: oh, they did drop the price

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Andrew Tom, I remember that one. She was pretty vocal. Still, she made for a good goth chick. Damn Jewel, she's pretty no matter what she plays heh.
Nope, Top Sellers only takes into account sales on the US store. Each international version has its own ASIN (Amazon Standard Identifier Number) and is tallied separately. It is possibly due to the "Buy Both for $x" link, since people say "Well, I'm getting Firefly, I may as well get the complete story."

Andrew/Warmachine - Oh man! I'd forgotten about the record store scene! Totally classic!
Wheeeee! I never knew it was possible to wear out a DVD, but this news just gave me a reason to go snag another set. I can use my "old" set as a loaner set, and have the brand new pristine ones for moi. Happy Vernal Equinox to me!!

gossi, I'll not only bring gin, I'll also bring juice. Fer Shizzle! ;)
Lucky you guys finding Firefly at Wal-Mart! I've never seen it there. I had to scour all the Future Shops in Grande Prairie & Toronto to finally get my copy when it first came out - was sold out at every store. Most recently I found it at Costco and bought all the remaining copies for gifts, etc.

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