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March 03 2006

Creators of "Done The Impossible" on next Slice of SciFi Podcast. On Mar 7, Slice of SciFi Show #47 will feature the creators and crew of the Firefly/Serenity documentary "Done The Impossible". You can capture this show on your podcatcher, or just listen online.

(This is the first time I've posted a story, so I hope it's OK.)

oooooo, I want to listen to this, and they have time to do podcasts? Shouldnt they be finishing up and sending out those DVDs soon? lol! Im just kidding of course.

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LOL! Hey kurya, I'm waiting for my copy too. Did anyone else send them trivia questions for their Special Features section?
AmazonGirl: thanks, looks great.

Two quick things that nearly every posted link tends to forget:

(1) please include a period, if appropriate, after the link title;

(2) add tags - yeah, I know it says "optional," but the more tags there are, the more useful they get. Tag. Overtag. Ubertag.
So when is this thing coming out? I ordered this for myself and second copy as a christmas gift... which is you know a bit late.
Moved 'first time' disclaimer to extended description so it doesn't appear on front page :) Tag, SNT's IT! /runs
Thanks SNT AND zeit! I almost didn't post because I was afraid I'd mess up. :/ Next time, I'll go all tag-o-licious. And I'll make sure my comments don't appear on the Front Page.
: )

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I ordered "Done the Impossible" quite a while ago. I guess it's nice to know I'm not the only one waiting. Can't wait until the day it arrives in my mailbox!
Tag, SNT's IT! /runs

*giggles insanely*
I'm touching SAFE.
*sticks tongue out*
I ordered mine in September, wonder when they'll be done.
An update on our production: The documentary is finished and we are working full time on the special features which we have said will be more extensive than the Firefly and Serenity DVDs combined. Producing all those features will take us a few more weeks. Sorry for the delay, we are however striving to make sure that the DVD you get will be worth the wait. Latest updates on our site
Hey Jeremy, I just want to say "Woo-hoooo! and W00t!!" I guess I don't have to say that I'm excited to see the finished product. I'm eager to hear your segment on Slice o' Sci-Fi as well. I hope making this thing was loads of fun! : )

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