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March 03 2006

Slither world premiere details announced. So who will be there to see Nathan's new movie at The Vista Theatre on March 9th? Well Bryan Singer for one. Freddie Prinze Jr and Rob Zombie too. Plus Joss of course.

Sigh. Too bad my trip to L-A this month doesn't include this. But I'm sure it will be as big as the Serenity premiere. Let's cross our fingers for Nathan on this.
I assume that means SMG will be there, too. Why not say that?
I assume that means SMG will be there, too. Why not say that?

Well, she's currently on location filming, so she may not be there.
First person to spot the connection between Freddie Prinze Jr and Slither wins a Whedonesque no-prize (and don't use Google or any other search engine - that would be cheating).
how about imdb?
Does Freddie have some kind of bit part in the movie?
You may use IMDB. Dunno if it will help ;).
Well the first 300 people at Fagoria's Weekend of Horror con this weekend in Chicago, Il will get a sneak peak tomorrow night at the movie.

Simon - Could it be that the Freddie connection is through writer/director of Slither James Gunn - who wrote both Scooby movies that starred FPJ.

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And RavenU is the winner :).
Damn, RavenU beat me.

The Vista, by the way, just might be the single best movie theater in Los Angeles, which I suppose makes it one of the best theaters in the world. It's a beautifully restored art-deco example of that lost portion of the American landscape, a neighborhood movie theater.

Wonder if I can use my vast connectections to score a ticket (and then if I can get over from Orange County to there in time...maybe not...sigh).
Ugh...that theatre has the most uncomfotable seats. If you are going I recommend a pillow for your tush. It was built in the 20's and I think the seats are original. They feel like they are.
The Vista's farther from me than the usual choices for premieres. But at least it's not Westwood. I have no way to get a ticket, but I'll probably show up and cheer for Joss and Nathan (and James Duval).

And bobster's right, the theater is very cool.

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I notice they describe Slither as "genre bending". So why is it alright for Slither to have multiple personalities but Serenity is too fargin' complicated to market?
What? What dead horse? Where?
The trailer looks like a total hoot. I'm actually looking forward to seeing it. After the raving reader parties of Miranda, flash-eating aliens are just too dang cute and cuddly. Here's hoping Nathan wears that mighty fine kilt again with leather jacket. Maybe it'll be a windy day.

Ahem. In all seriousness, is there any real marketing value to the premiere attendance? Other than Hollywood wonks seeing and being seen does it affect its sales and such? Or is it just a celebratory thing for the cast, crew, and other their pals? I am just curious how the turn out at the premiere is viewed by media critics and the like.
I am just curious how the turn out at the premiere is viewed by media critics and the like.

I would guess that the bigger the stars that turn out for a premiere, is an indication of how the studio (and therefore the media) thinks the movie will perform at the box office.
In fairness, you can invite anybody to a premiere, but people don't have to turn up. At the Serenity London premiere, Michelle Bass from Big Brother turned up. Obviously, though, I eclipsed her on the red carpet.. It was all screaming and yelling 'sign my chest, monkey boy.'
Awww, crap, RavenU. I knew the Slither/reddie Prinze Jr. connection right away - but I wasn't online in time.... Grrr. Arghhh! I could've won a no prize!!!
It was all screaming and yelling 'sign my chest, monkey boy.'

So, what are you saying, gossi? You were screaming and yelling "sign my chest, monkey boy"? Is that why Nathan and Joss are so concerned about your stalking them? Please clarify. ;-)
My secret is out.

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