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March 13 2003

(SPOILER) Joss Whedon discusses 'Orpheus' and what he thinks of TV Guide's idea for a Buffy spinoff.

So looking forward to seeing Alyson in this episode.

American Pie III?
You hadn't heard? Yeah, all the guys are returning, but Alyson is the only one of the females from the first two that is coming back.
Hopefully after doing AP3, Hannigan would realize the benefits of a steady paycheck in television. If we can't keep SMG and can't get Dushku to settle in, Hannigan's the most logical third choice. Of course, if'n I were Whedon/God, Willow would've been the frontrunner to take over the series in the first place. Ideally it would be nice to see Willow join Giles for the RIPPER thing, because the chemistry between the two actors has such a range. However, RIPPER's dependent on the schedules of ASH & Whedon and probably won't happen any time soon. Willow and Xander are the only other major characters besides Buffy to have been there practically every episode for seven years. If there is to be a spinoff it should include at least one of those two and preferably both. Unfortunately, like SMG, Brendon and Hannigan may be getting the wanderlust and want to move on with their lives. Also, since most networks want to cater to the younger generation, Hannigan & Brendon wouldn't guarantee that. There might just be too much against the future of AfterBuffy.
Hey, if Michael Jordan can still wow kids at 40, Brendon & Hannigan can appeal to youngsters.
I did not mean to insinuate Brendon & Hannigan do not appeal to youngsters. Double negative in this case not a direct positive, because I can't say I meant to insinuate they do. I know my junior high english teacher is spinning in her grave, but sometimes double negatives, although confusing, are the only way to convey the truth.

Brendon & Hannigan may or may not appeal to the youth. Hannigan appeals to the American Pie crowd, that's a given, but I'm not sure if that's enough to sway The Powers That Be. Personally I'm now a "thirtysomething" although I belong to the "Nameless Generation/Gen X/The 13th G." take your pick. I'm now an old fart, and no longer in the demographic for most advertisers. I'm smart enough to tune out the commercials, so they really don't cater to me anymore. Brendon & Hannigan do appeal to some youth. They do not appeal to others. And right now there's little evidence to sway the opinion of those who (unfortunately) matter, one way or the other.

I was indicating that network executives who wrap ties so tightly around their necks they cut off the blood circulation to their brains have difficulty imagining people like Hannigan & Brendon appealing to a wider audience than is readily apparent. Recent ratings and buzz for this season haven't been very strong. And although we know it's a great show, the suits look at the numbers and polls and stats. If it's not in the black & white of their memos and documents and binders, they'll put "AfterBuffy" in File Thirteen and turn to invest in yet another reality tv ripoff of Candid Camera or some gawdawful beauty pageant. "American Girl" my butt.

But I'm not bitter.

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