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March 05 2006

NYPD Blue season 3 now available on R1 DVD! Featuring our favourite librarian in one of the episodes.

In episode 8, "Cold Heaters", Anthony Head starrs as a snooty, pompous - although entirely loveable - stage actor who hits a colleague on the head with a broad sword. Greg Medavoy is on the case!

With the exception of Balthazar's "Illuminati", I can't remember Tony doing much sword-fighting on "Buffy". ;)

Well, not sword *fighting*, but fencing (effortlessly, I might add) with future badass Wesley Wyndam-Price in Graduation Day Part One...!
Isn't Gina Torres also in that season?
He did a pretty good sword-fighting scene when when he and Wesley were abducted by Belthazar's cohorts in Enemies.
Then there was the fencing or sword fighting he did with the skeleton in Tabula Rosa. I don't remember getting much of a look at what they were actually fighting with, though it certainly was not a broad sword.
I just got this from Netflix. It's a perfect 2 minutes. ASH is condescending, rude and delicious.
Simon. You're correct. Gina did also have a small role in one of the episodes, but I didn't mention it because her character was less memorable and only had one line. (Gina's performance was excellent though.)
So what did ASH do in NYPD blue??
One of my all time favourite Giles scene involves a sword - when he jams it into the mayor.

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