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March 05 2006

Serenity debuts 2nd in UK DVD industry charts. UK Browncoats just heard the Hit40UK countdown on the radio. A strong opening. Update: The HMV charts show #1, which are syndicated as the DVD Retail charts. Play also show it #1.

Well done, UK Browncoats! And nice tags, gossi! ;-)
I was going for the subliminal broadway of MINEAR FOR SERENITY 2.

I'm carefully putting aside the issue of the film actually going into production for a moment.

That is all.
I didn't think the Hit40 charts were based on actual sales...but I could be wrong.
Hmm, I stand correct if that's the case. I presume it's a snapshot from certain high street retailers. Certainly, from what I've seen it's doing well - WH Smith's are doing very well with it.
If it follows the same as the Singles and Album charts - the UK charts are based on actual sales - or at least a representation of actual sales from a selection of retailers. I know in the US the singles charts at least are based may different factors, so I presume their other charts work in the same way.
I'm pretty sure they're based on sales. Big stores like Woolworths use 'em so it won't look bad sitting there at number 2 (and if they're displaying Wallace & Gromit as a kids film, Serenity will be at number 1 in the DVD chart.)
Cider et al, the Radio 1 singles chart is based on sales but I think Hit40 is based on a combination of retail sales, download sales and airplay though I don't know the details of how it's calculated so couldn't say whether it's weighted more heavily towards one or the other.

Presumably the DVD equivalent of airplay is rental figures tho' i've no idea if Hit40 works that way or not (in fact, i'd never heard of the Hit40 chart before now but I don't really follow any of them so I guess that doesn't say very much).
By the way, the radio station pronounced the same something like Serntitty. They obviously had no idea what it was. Bliss.
SernTitty! Brilliant! I wonder if there is going to be a "special section alternative" version of Serenity... you know, made by those guys who make films with dubious titles that are sinisterly similar to the original but with a slight, er, alteration and major, er, alterations to the plot line. Is anyone following me here? Hello?!
'Muffy the Vampire Slayer' springs to mind. Err, a friend told me about it.
No, It was worse! It was Muffy the Vampire LAYER!
Believe it or not, there's apparently two (Layer and Slayer). Slayer came second.

So to speak.

(not Buffy related but 'Brassiere to Eternity' and 'Sperms of Endearment' made me chuckle. The titles that is, I haven't seen the films. Honest.)
There is no dishonour in finishing second to the pride of the nation.
Is it childish of me to be amused by the fact that my copy of the Serenity DVD came with an insert advertising "The Ultimate Travel Companion"?
I am amused also, mjwilson. Although I'm easily pleased. (My great sales pitch to ladies).

Also amused by WH Smith tagging "From the creator of Serenity" on the Firefly boxsets at the moment. We're going back in time.. Woooo, hey Doctor Who.
Some updates:

WHSmiths - 4th. Play - 1st. Amazon - 2nd. HMV - 1st. Sainsbury - 9th. HMV's data is used as the DVD Retail Chart by many places.

I think it's safe to say they've made a lot of money of the UK DVD in the first week.

[ edited by gossi on 2006-03-07 03:37 ]
Also amused by WH Smith tagging "From the creator of Serenity" on the Firefly boxsets at the moment. We're going back in time..

And in the posters in the tube for the box sets of Buffy and Angel at, on the top it says 'from the creator of Firefly and Serenity'.
I'm glad the film seems to be doing well. I saw it in Tescos yesterday, in the top ten chart, not sure exactly what number it was at though. I also noticed on the Alias season four boxset there was a stick saying "From the creaters of Lost" even though Alias preceded it by three years, much in the same way some of Joss' work is being advertised now. But I think it's a good thing, if it increases sales and encourages more people to become a fan of all his work.

And regarding the Buffy ripoffs, I believe there was an episode of Friends where Phoebe's sister Ursula was starring in a film called "Phoebe Buffet, the Vampire Layer." I've also heard of Womb Raider before (raise your hand if "ew").
Strange how Serenity and Firefly are being advertised as being "from the creator of Buffy and Angel" and Buffy and Angel the other way round.

Glad that the people putting out the Alias DVDs remember that these people are also responsible for Lost, something ABC seem to have forgotten as they screw over Alias in it's final season now that they have a huge hit on their hands.

Razor said:
I believe there was an episode of Friends where Phoebe's sister Ursula was starring in a film called "Phoebe Buffet, the Vampire Layer.

Yup, and if only Buffy had had dialogue as good as that:

"Buffet: "Ah, Nosferatool"
Nosferatool: "Buffet, have you come to plunge your stake into my dark places"
Buffet: "Actually, I was hoping it would be the other way around"

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