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March 06 2006

"How I Met Your Mother" gets second season. CBS has already decided to give the Alyson Hannigan sitcom a second season. The cast is sure to celebrate when it's featured at the Paley Television Festival March 13th in Los Angeles.

There's still tickets left for the HIMYM panel. Youcan go to for more information

Good stuff. Hurrah for Alyson. Also, neat show.

I am currently enjoying My Name Is Earl, also.
Well done, HIMYM! Good news for gossi, too -- NBC has already announced a second season for My Name is Earl. It airs right before Steve Carell's The Office on NBC; great hour of TV comedy! :-)
Great stuff. I'm only 3 episodes in. Weeee! Yes, I am mature. (Once a year).

Is the US Office any good now? I've seen the UK version, so obviously I'm tainted.
Shiny! Last week's origin-of-Barney episode was the best the show has been, yet--let's hope it'll continue to climb up.
The American "Office" is different than Ricky Gervais', but I think still good. Mr. Carell seems more confident that he is hi-larious and deeply loved, though definitely just as defensive and needy. I tend to cringe less at this version -- maybe because part of me feels sorry for Ricky Gervais, while Steve Carell seems so "Teflon," he is rarely touched by the destruction he causes. Rainn Wilson *rocks* as his "lieutenant." Shop and compare; your mileage may vary! ;-)
Awesome, this has quickly become my favorite reason for having a television, outside of my PS2. Always make sure to catch it, and last week's episode was hilarious. It was funny enough that it justified Revenge of the Sith's horrendous 'Frankenstein' scene, just so it could be properly mocked.
Well that's good news. Here's hoping David Boreanaz's show gets renewed too.
I second billz's thoughts on the US version of the Office. The BBC version will always be first in my heart – one of the most brilliant comedies ever to air, in my mind – but I think the US version is starting to hit its own stride, especially this year in its second season. It's different – Ricky Gervais and Steve Carrell are such utterly different characters and types – but still well worth watching. The recent episode in which Carrell visits NYC on Valentine's Day is priceless.

Congrats to AH for the HIMYM renewal. Never watched the show, but I'm glad she's having success. One of these days I'll check it out....
Great news, I like this show, Aly's great in it, and she's always seemed to enjoy doing comedies.

I'm British, and yet I don't like the British Office, but I think the American Office is excellent, not sure why, I just think it's a far superior show, that's improved in leaps and bounds since it began (blasphemy! I'll be shunned from British-land for that).
Wheee! HIMYM is one of my favorite current shows (alongside Veronica Mars, Battlestar Galactica, Everwood (no, really, it's a great show) and - sometimes - Lost), so I'm very happy it got renewed and is now getting a second season. It's been a while since I truly liked a sitcom, but HIMYM has managed to completely convince me. So, once again: yay!
Hey I just released something, those renewals showcase the breadth and depth of CBS' schedule. I'm glad they represent a deep and diverse roster of top-rated dramas, comedies, reality series and newsmagazines. It's a good day for television.
Don't remember where I read it, but some article mentioned that Gervais is a producer or associate producer in the US Office, and might be penning one episode this season.

Great news about HIMYM, really anxious to see the episodes featuring Alexis.
Good on her. I watched the first few episodes and it didn't really grab me, partly because I really really dislike laugh tracks - MASH went from one of my favourite comedies of all time on the (laugh track free) BBC showings to being practically unwatchable on any other channel. May give HIMYM another chance tho'.

Also good to see Numb3rs and NCIS renewed (hey, I like it OK ? ;).
Sorry to go slightly off-topic, but: yikes! I was just reading the futon critic article and saw 'Ghost Whisperer' also got renewed. People actually watch that? Colour me surprised. I tried for two episodes, but I just couldn't keep going. It almost caused me physical pain :-p. I was sure it'd get cancelled. Ah well, guess I'm wrong.

Still, it gets good ratings it seems, so lots of people seem to watch it. Which means I'm happy for the fans. It's just that that group doesn't include me ;-)

Still happy about HIMYM though :-)
GVH, gotta agree. I didn't think GW would last half a season. I only watched the one episode with Sean Maher, and that's pretty much all I could take. Happy for Aly, HIMYM is awesome. I'm a little bit annoyed with Victoria, but that's because I'm a Robin fan(even if she ends up being "Aunt" Robin hmph).

Erm, I mean yay! Yay for more mediocre sitcoms!

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