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March 13 2003

Space Cowboys. How Director of photography David Boyd brought an Old West aesthetic to Firefly. An excellent behind the scenes look at the making of the show.

Great read. Makes me want to rewatch all episodes and pay more attention to the lighting...
Come mid-April, I'll have oodles of time (compared to now) to 1. try and collected Firefly SVCD files, as opposed to the VCD ones I have now... then sit down and watch the whole series. I haven't rewatched any since it was cancelled.

Great link.
What is the difference between SVCDs and VCDs?
Well - to put it very simply, SVCDs are larger, i.e. better quality. I don't know enough to explain the real differences. Average size of an episode mpg to burn a VCD is 500mb, a SVCD is 900mb.
Thanks, I have some Buffy and Angel VCDs for this season and while the quality of them isn't too bad I wondering how much difference a SVCD would make.
This link has a short description of the difference as well as a sample of both for download.

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