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March 06 2006

Way Off Broadway on IFC 10 March. The Independent Film Channel will be showing Morena Baccarin's movie this Friday at 4:30AM ET.

AFAIK, this is the first time the movie's been shown on cable. Thanks to my TiVo wishlist, I won't miss it!

Woohoo. Finally!
Good find!! I'm so there! :-)
Now I'll finally be able to see the beginning. Saw it when it played in LA and missed the first half hour...twice! Stupid LA traffic.

What I did see was great though.
Can someone please tape it for me? (and the rest of the Morena/Firefly/Serenity fans who've wanted to see it for years or might become interested now that they know about it?)

I'll pay.
"IFC is currently not available in your area." sigh
It is a great film. Catch it if you can. Morena shines!
Good thing it's on at 4:30am. Everyone is up then.
Good thing it's on at 4:30am. Everyone is up then.

Hey, in the UK we will be. Slackers!
Actually, I'm glad it's on at such an early hour---I don't have to worry about missing anything else while I record it...

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