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March 07 2006

Anthony Head to appear on Richard & Judy this Thursday, March 9th It airs on Channel 4 at 5pm.

Methinks the date is wrong..
Oops, thanks for pointing that out, gossi.
I thoroughly dislike Richard and Judy. They always come across as so ignorant, especially when they're trying to talk about a complicated and sensitive issue.
I like watching Richard and Judy just to work out when they have had a blazing row the night before and it's obvious Judy isn't really speaking to him but has to play nice 'cos they're on TV. Or for those moments when Richard says or does something Judy disaproves of and she flashes him a quick dead eye. Is that wrong?
I've got to step in with some Richard and Judy love because I really like them. Maybe it's a student thing.
Always find it painful to watch this, Richard pisses me off so much, just can't keep his bloody mouth shut!

What's Anthony talking about on the show? Too early for him to be talking about his Doctor Who appearance I'd think.
I have to second the "painful to watch" thing when it comes to Richard and Judy. Richard is just constantly cringeworthy and Judy always looks as if she wants to run and hide. I've never seen such a nervous looking television presenter. It's as if she is brand new to the job.

Probably won't see this anyway (very rarely have the television on before 6pm) but no doubt somebody here will catch it and fill us in with any information worth mentioning.

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