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March 07 2006

Amy Acker guest stars in How I Met Your Mother. Amy will be reunited with Alexis in the season finale of HIMYM.

I admit, I haven't seen this yet. But this will definately do it for me.
So Illyria's been researching on Native American rituals in the 2 years since we last saw her, and she now thinks she's found a way to bring Wesley back, but it requires a powerful witch, so remembering when Fred met Willow she decides to track Willow down to help her resurrect Mr Wyndham Pryce.

Or, you know, maybe not.

I already watch and enjoy this show, Amy and Alexis making guest spots should make it even better.
Fred and Wesley could get together... and be happy!
Definitely not a Joss show. ;)

Personally I always loved the Willow and Fred chemistry from that one Buffy-Angel crossover.
Can I get a 'woo' and a 'hoo'?

I love HIMYM, and having Amy on the show is a really great thing. My two favorite Buffyverse actresses reunited in one show = goodness. And then there's Alexis as well, and seeing Alexis and Amy together on screen again is something I've been hoping would happen (although, granted, in a different setting).

To use a little hyperbole: It's almost like a dream come true! ;-)
I haven't watched this since the second or third episode. Not much of a sitcom person. But I will HAVE to watch this one. AH, AD, and AA all in the same episode! What a treat!
Actually, if someone from the WB had better judgement in programming, Amy, Alexis and Alyson could have been together for an episode if there was a sixth season of "Angel". But this is the next best thing.
I guess we'll just have to take what we can. Just tape it, then watch it on mute, and imagine Fred/Illyria, Wesley, and Willow. Might have to squint a bit to pretend Ted is Angel....

Okay, I think too much.

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This will be fun. But don't forget that we'll be seeing Lily, not Willow, and Wesley and Fred won't be there but theire doppelgangers will be.
Oh, this just makes my day. I can't wait.
Oh, YAY! How awesome that they are in the finale episode together!!! I can't wait to see the chemistry explode onscreen. Maybe we'll even get a tiny little Angel shout-out???
I have grown to adore and anticipate HIMYM and this is just the icing on the cake! (bad pun for anyone who watched this weeks' episode.) Or maybe cupcake.... (even worse.)
Well! A world with Amy, Alexis and Alyson all together again. With any luck, there'll be shrimp, too!
That's cute. I'm not getting anything off this. Hmmm...
In honor of all the verse actors (and because this is a finale), I'm guessing someone will die a schmaltzy heroic death.
With a laugh track, of course.
I am thoroughly enjoying this show and I haven't liked a single sitcom since the early days of Will and Grace. Aly and NPH bring a level of witty and snark to this show that is completely missing from most sitcoms. I am very excited to see AA and AD in the season finale.
This is truly glorious news! HIMYM has definitely hit its stride lately and I'm really looking forward to it each week. This makes me look forward to the season finale even more. I watched the Unit tonight and couldn't help thinking how much more I would have enjoyed it with Amy on it. (She was announced as a cast member when CBS originally picked it up.) Anyway, happy dance!
Very well. Go Aly, go! Best of wishes.
Now, if they could get Anthony Stewart Head in too (and Amber Benson for one shot, like her one time being named in the credits for Buffy) that'd be all the A's that made series regular...
Neat.WHat was the last time we saw them sharing the same screen, was it in "Orpheus", right?

I'm really enjoying HIMYM. Was I the only one that was reminded about the "cookie baking metaphor" from that "baking cupcakes thing"?
But you know who's the next verse cast that I'd like to see appear in this show? Amber Benson, that would definetely be something really interesting to watch.

[ edited by Numfar PTB on 2006-03-08 05:38 ]
I think that, after her last episode on Buffy, referring to any appearance from Amber Benson as a "one shot" is a bit poorly phrased...
I've never seen a single episode of HIMYM but damned if I'm not going to watch the finale, eyes a-glistenin' and a big, sloppy-happy grin on face. Such is the continuing power pull of the BuffyAngelverse on my heart. Oh yes.
I'm right there with you, phleb....
I've always avoided the show just 'cause, you know, sit-com with laugh track and all. But this, at last, will pull me in. How could I possibly not see Amy and Alyson and Alexis all in one show?!?
When is the finale? I work on Monday nights, but there might be a chance I won't have to if it's late enough in the season.

Now, they just need Alexis and Alyson to be on the finale of Alias.

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Doesn't anyone else feel the stomach pain of the moving on?

Intellectually, it isn't a problem at all with me. Yay, 'verse gang! We love seeing you get work! Clap, clap! Honestly.

Emotionally, I'm all crunched up. I want more B. I fucking want more Buffy. Can't help it. Are we ever going to get more? Or was it just the proverbial lightning in a bottle and I need to get over myself? Am I stupid and stunted?

You know, if they'd just give me something as good. Please. What's out there is nothing. I'm watching Wife Swap, fer chrissake. Deadwood takes a freakin' year off, and that is the only show as good? Or nearly? Either I'm way too picky, or it really just isn't happening out there. Can it be true that nobody writing in H'wood is as talented as Joss? I mean really, no. single. person?

That's what it feels like. And now I just realized that I'm sounding obsessive about this, which is never good. G'night.
Willowy, there's Veronica Mars.

I have to say, I'm pumped about this. And didn't Joss a while back say he was waiting for his call to make a guest appearance on this show?
We need Andy Hallett on the show to complete the A list.

As far as quality TV goes, THE SOPRANOS returns this Sunday.
Either I'm way too picky, or it really just isn't happening out there. Can it be true that nobody writing in H'wood is as talented as Joss? I mean really, no. single. person?

I believe there are other talented people out there, but they aren't allowed outside of their cages. Think of it as quality control. Too much quality is never a good thing.
Is this show still on?
Willowy: I actually think there's more than enough good tv to be had at the moment. There's Veronica Mars which is really very, very good. There's Battlestar Galactica which does dark and complex better than any genreshow in a good long while. There's The Shield and Sopranos for your morally complex character work, HIMYM is a truly inspired sitcom, there's Everwood which - in my opinion - does pure characterdrama better than most shows on television and these are just the shows I watch. Then, to top things of, there's plans for new Tim Minear and Aaron Sorkin vehicles, who are probably the best two television writers apart from Joss. Honestly, television is not yet dead. It's still very healthy and breathing. One tip though? Stop watching Wife Swap. Really. It'll kill your brain.

Now what I don't get is the complaints I keep seeing about HIMYM only because of the laugh track. I can see one not liking a laugh track, but really. Just phase it out. If they'd have put a laugh track on Buffy, nothing would have changed (apart from me pelting the decission makers with rotten fruit and us having a hard time convincing people it wasn't just a long sitcom). It still would've been quality telivision with quality writing. Same goes for HIMYM. Laughtrack or not, it's still a quite stunning sitcom.
Oh, I understand you can have a perfectly good sit-com with a laugh track, GVH. Hell, Sports Night had one (I think). It's just is one of the reasons I never checked out HIMYM. I'm not much of a sit-com person anyway, with a few exceptions (Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Office), and the laugh track is generally a sign it's a more traditional sit-com that I won't be into as much, and it's also something I just find incredibly annoying. Though you're right - it is possible to tune it out eventually. It's just one of those things I use to weed out TV I don't really need to watch, since I don't really want to be watching more than a couple hours a week anyhow, and I'm already at more than double that quota when everything's on (VM, Lost, GG, 24, Project Runway).
I'm sure HIMYM is good, but I probably won't make it a regular addition to my watching. The finale, though, I'll definitley be DVR'ing....

Willowy, I feel a few pangs of loss too, whenever i see our 'verse actors in other roles, so I hear where you're coming from. I think I've made my peace - for the most part - with the fact that it's not coming back, though. If the Spike movie, or any other sort of continuation, does get made - I'll be thrilled. But I'm not getting my hopes up. So I appreciate seeing the actors we love when they happen to show up in other things (and am thrilled for them that they got the work), but it's definitely never the same....
Willowy, I hear your cri de coeur (or cri de estomac? Apologies to all *real* French speakers out there.) We're both passport-carryin' inhabitants of Obsessiveland. There are other good shows out there, but nothing - nothing - approaches what any of the ME shows have meant to me. I haven't dared hope too much for a Spike/Illyria/Whomever movie because, well, it doesn't seem to look good. But that doesn't mean I haven't metaphorically lit candles and sacrificed goats and chanted Sumerian spells to try to bring it about.

Yep, I'm right there with you, Willowy. An HIMYM finale with three of the Whedonverse actors isn't my top choice. But it's something. And like acp says, I'm really happy for Alyson, Alexis and Amy that they're all working. They're wonderful actors.
I'm with you Willowy. I've watched every show in primetime at least once. I even have programs I watch obsessively every week. But none of them, NONE OF THEM, come close to the love and pain and magic of Buffy and Angel. I hate to use the words tragic farse--but I feel like I've been had.

Joss Whedon, I love you, but I really really hate you for ruining my TV palate. This is all YOUR fault and I can NEVER forgive you. Damn your brilliance. Damn it all!
'Tis true, twa_corbies. Joss has also ruined my tv palate. Nothing seems good enough anymore. Damn it all! Yes, damn it all! And what's with this having to wait a year here, two years there, for a Joss creation? How I miss the weekly infusion years.....

Ahem. Back to HIMYM. I'm glad Alexis is dropping by, but can anyone tell me why he hasn't been snapped up and made a huge star? What's with one-shot guest appearances on TV shows? The guy is seriously talented and oh yes, very easy on the eyes.
Joining in with the choir I'm preaching to....
Yes! I find myself so often talking to friends about shows they're loving (Lost, Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, etc) and struggling to explain to them why such shows - even if they happen to be shows I occasionally watch or like - just don't live up to the standards of TV I've set myself in the past. And almost none of my friends understand my love/obsession for thee Whedonverse - they treat it as an odd quirk in a person who has otherwise good taste.
On the plus side, I feel Joss's shows have helped me cultivate those higher standards and seek out truly quality television to look for shows like The Wire or Deadwood, say, and rarely settle for anything less. But such shows are few and far between. And even the ones I really love (and the Wire is brilliant) don't inspire the same kind of rabid devotion and actual love for the characters that Buffy and Angel did. *Sigh*

And phleb, I hear you on the Alexis love. I can't understand why he seems to have had a hard time landing more roles! I'm the first to admit that not all of the actors I love in the context of the Jossverse are truly outstanding, or at least versatile, actors even when I love the characters they played on Joss's shows, I recognize they have some limitations and might not instantly see success and adulation in other places. But I think Alexis is SO talented and truly gifted at both comedy and drama, which is unusual and I'd love to see what he can do with other characters (even if, to me, he'll always be Wesley....). Why hasn't he found great roles yet?? James is another I feel that way about...
Alexis could have easily been the next Bond. Or the Joker. Or a million other roles that went to actors NOT as good.

Aly, Alexis and Amy on the same half-hour comedy? With NPH's Barney and Jason Segel's Marshall? Could there be anything better? (Maybe if Ted disappeared for the length of the episode...)
I'm with GVH. I am absolutely loving The Shield and Battlestar Galactica these days, both of which are incredibly compelling, wonderful shows.

Joss rules, but he's not the only one who can make great TV.
This is great news. My new favorite comedy adds Amy, even if only for one Ep. You gotta figure there will be some type of reference, no matter how slight.
Isn't AD going to be on more than one episode? Do we know when he will be on first...wait, no, Who's on first...

(Sorry. I have a cold and don't feel well. I'm not responsible for the actions of my fingers.)
So excited about this!!! All three of them, together again! Woo and a Hoo!
I'm with you on this, cjl: Alexis could--make that should--have been the next Bond. The man can do anything. Anything. And he does clean up a treat. I'd pay big bucks to see him in anything on the big screen. Also with you, acp, on his always being Wesley to me. The same applies to James, of course. These two are so much more talented than most of the "stars" who get the big parts and the big salaries.

Sorry. Got a little OT (and overheated!) there. I don't really watch TV anymore. What day of the week and approx. time is Aly's show? And anyone out there hoping for AD in tights and a tutu? ; ^ )

I think I wind up saying this on almost every post these days, but gosh, I really miss these guys (all the 'verse people). I'm going home and watch the ballet episode to see AD in a tux and then watch the deleted scene to see him in the aforesaid tutu.

Aloha, y'all.

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