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March 07 2006

David Boreanaz on Carson Daly (NBC) tonight. If you can stay up this late, DB will be on live on Carson Daly's show.

It may be the worst aspect of insomnia that occasionally you find yourself watching late night with Carson Daly.
I'm curious, was DB on this many talk shows when he was on Angel?
DB was on Regis and Kelly and Jimmy Kimmel promoting Angel season 5. My memory doesn't go any further back then that.

I doubt I'll be seeing this. If Im not asleep on my own, his monologue will definitely do it for me.
I'm usually up this late, and often admonished by Carson Daly to "go to bed!" at the end of his show. His "monologue" and "comedy bits" are absolutely horrendous, but I like his interviews. He has a very easy style that makes for good conversations with his guests. His interviews are, more than anyone else's, like my conversations with my friends.

Although this interview was not very good, but I think DB shares the blame for that. If you missed it, you didn't miss much.
DB has tended to be on morning shows more frequently than late-night ones. His uncle works for Regis, I think, so that's maybe one reason he's shown up there more frequently than on some of the other ones.

He related an anecdote about trying to "steal" his parents' car at the age of 4 -- if releasing the brake and rolling it backward into a ditch can be considered stealing. That was the only real (and new to me) tidbit of interest, other than mentioning he's feeling somewhat worn out from the weekly series grind. I'm sure it's grueling work on a level I can't really comprehend, but I also can't say I feel too sorry for him. Surely he must have known from headlining on Angel exactly what he was getting himself into? (But I'm sure down the road, when his son Jaden has grown up and gone off to college, that he'll appreciate his dad's steady work ethic.)
I would think that Bones would be less grueling than Angel because he is sharing the lead and does not have three fight scenes every episode. Maybe he was expecting it to be as well. I have not seen it for a while (I'm looking forward to it not being on against VM.) so I am not sure how much screen time he is getting. It seemed like a lot when I have watched it.
Oh God, I can't stand Carson Daly...he comes across as such a complete and total ass. Whenever I finish Conan's show, leave the room, and come back to see that I've accidentally left the TV on for Last Call, I scold myself, turn the TV off, and read a book.
I enjoyed seeing him...I do think it went better than Jimmy Kimmel and he looked hot even if he was tired.

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