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March 14 2003

Lone Star Ensemble is accepting submissions for Amber Benson's dark comedy 'Albert Hall'

[ edited by Brutin on 2003-03-13 23:31 ]

it's a dark comedy, you get to work with Amber Benson and you get paid. what ya waiting for?!

When it said "Lone Star" I was thinking it was happening somewhere in Texas. Unfortunately it's happening in California, which would be a bit of a commute for me. It's just as well. I haven't performed in public since college. I'm probably a little rusty. ...Hell. I was rusty when I was on stage regularly. Although, working with Amber Benson would be worth making a complete fool of myself again.

[ edited by ZachsMind on 2003-03-14 03:03 ]
I got to see Albert Hall late last year, and I really dug it. Meeting Amber afterwards wasn't half-bad either. :)

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