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March 08 2006

The Art of Motion Picture Costume Design. Live in Los Angeles or thereabouts? Then why not toddle along to the latest exhibition at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise Museum and have a look at some pretty Serenity costumes.

does anyone know which costumes will be there????
A group of SoCal Browncoats are going to be visiting the museum at 11 AM this Saturday, the 11th. If you're in the area, come join us!

ETA: From Brian of the SoCal group:

"They have costumes for every character except Book from various portions of the movie. Dunno why they don't have Book. However, some of the costumes are, IIRC, River's blue dress from Miranda, Zoe's outfit during the bank robbery, Jayne's outfit with the yellow shirt (the one he's wearing when he's about to shoot River), Wash's shirt and cargo pants, Simon's blue shirt and black pants, Mal's full outfit with browncoat, and of course a few others I can't fully remember. If only they let us take pictures. ;)"

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Pictures would be nice.
Got another response about the costumes. Thanks to Avien from the SoCal board:

The operative with battle armor
Inara's dress at the training house with Mal and the operative
Zoe with the leather vest and bolero and olive pants
Mal's normal outfit with the maroon shirt
Kaylee's outfit from the Maidenhead
Simon's blue shirt outfit
River's blue dress with black shrug
Jayne's yellow shirt outfit
Wash's Hawaiian shirt from the Maidenhead
Zachsmind I don't think you can take pictures, just sketches.
Hmm. You mean this blue shirt of Simon's? They are selling Zoe's leather vest and River's blue dress too. They must be sending them over later. Unless there are many copies of the same outfits.

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