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March 08 2006

Sci Fi Channel Firefly Marathon guerilla marketing posters. The Sci-Fi Channel (U.S.) will be showing a Firefly Marathon on March 10th.

Whoo hoo! How shiny! The Sci-Fi Channel (U.S.) will be showing a Firefly Marathon on March 10th ~ the episodes will start with the pilot "Serenity" and continue in original (intended) order through to "Out of Gas".

To help with the marketing of the marathon, our lovely Browncoat artist 11th Hour has made four special editions of the guerilla marketing posters to promote the event. PLEASE feel free to make use of the posters -- there are regular size ones, and a handy, nifty sheet of mini-posters. These posters are easy to make and oh so useful in handing out to folk when you're talkin' up FF/S.

Just scroll down and you'll find the Firefly Marathon posters below the regular ones.

ETA - 4-poster combo view mirror

FYI - its always best to find a mirror for these things as they tend to become unviewable shortly after posting (I can't even get to the site) due to it being a personal site on an ISP. Also, edited to remove signoff and make the link a link. As per usual, if someone has the file, email it to me and I will mirror it.
left a bunch of these on the subway
Hah! Today's a good day. First, a co-worker borrowed my loaner Firefly DVD's after seeing Serenity last night. And now Firefly on Sci-Fi once again . . I know, too little, too late, but I still think it's cool.

And I love 11th hour's stuff! One of my favorite 'Verse trinkets is a tiny Mal-poster button (I think a "badge" outside the US?), one of many based on shrunken 11th hour posters that a kindly young Browncoat was giving away at the second Portland prescreening last year.
Thanks so much! A student at school recently asked another teacher about Firefly on SciFi. Now I have a miniposter with his name on it. :) Shiny, shiny.

ETA: Teacher now. That's why I'm so not vocal these days. I miss my hours and hours of pouring over Whedonesque as a student!!!

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So many download links on that page - where the one main link to "download ALL of the pdfs"??? Please tell me there is a zip file with the whole lot somewhere on that page.

...And I just realized how lazy that sounds. Nevermind!

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It's always good to see Susan's work.

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