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March 08 2006

David Boreanaz to guest star on 'Charmed'. It is episode 21 of this season of Charmed which puts it sometime in May. He will play Inspector Jason Jackson in the episode called 'While You Were Orbing' or 'Kill Billie Vol. 2' depending on the spoiler boards you read.

Has this been verified anywhere else apart from IMDB?
Is Bones still on? It better be. David on Charmed would be amusing even though I highly dislike the show.
Oh...oh God...oh, no...sweet Lord God...WHY?!?!?!?!?

A couple of Charmed MB's have mentioned him being on there as well. Not sure the primary source. This however is the last season of Charmed.
So I guess that makes it the penultimate episode then?

Maybe it was some sort of weird ambition that David in Charmed???????

I'm trying to think of a logical explanation as to why he would do this....but there aint one coming!
At least it won't be as bad as if CC was also in the ep. That would just be way too cheesy.
Bones is alive and well and a new episode airs Wednesday, March 8, at 9 P.M. on Fox! That's tonight !!
Maybe a clause in his Angel contract obligates him to be in at the end of every WB horror/fantasy series. (He'll play Sam and Dean's uncle at the end of Supernatural in 2011.)

But seriously, folks, there's some overlap in Charmed and Angel personnel. Maybe Michael Grossman or another one of the directors who worked on both series asked David for a favor.
I believe Joss series upgrade an actor's ability. I also believe charmed downgrades an actor's ability.

So David on Charmed? Downgrade.

I may watch it for David- we'll see what else is on that night.
Oh...oh God...oh, no...sweet Lord God...WHY?!?!?!?!?


Oh...oh God...oh, no...sweet Lord God...WHY?!?!?!?!?

Again, I understand the love (that I deeply share) for Joss's work but why all the negativity towards Charmed?? It is a good show that has held on for a very long time in a tough market, the female leads are very watchable and the story lines, while a far cry from Joss's work, are better than 99% of what is on TV. Charisma stole the show when given screen time in her last episode and quite possibly David will do the same. Charmed has a large fan base and exposing David to them will hardly hurt! I think it's an excellent spot for him...I will be watching!
wait, they're exposing David on national television??
I think most of the negativity comes from genuine dislike of the show. I've come across it a total of maybe 4-5 times, and each time found it unbearable to watch after just a few minutes. Not because it's not Buffy, but because I think it's just bad. I like DB, but I won't tune in for this.
Thought David had better taste than that.

I really, really hate Charmed, forced to watch a few episodes last week (friend put his DVD on while we were playing cards, I'd never watch it by choice) and my hatred was confirmed once again, just as bad as I always insist it is, it's just... dreadful, the acting, the writing, everything.

So very glad it's ending. May have taken their time, but at least The WB finally saw sense and cancelled this and 7th Heaven.

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David, how could you??

Isn't it complicated for an actor to work for another network? I thought that was the reason why there weren't a lot of Buffy/Angel crossovers in the later seasons.
I find Charmed to be mildly diverting and a great show to veg out to on the occasional hungover Sunday afternoon but it is, in some ways, the anti-Buffy. From the episodes i've seen Leo is regularly telling the witches to 'get in touch with their emotions' or 'look within themselves for the answer' which, to me, is just perpetuating the old cliche that femininity is not about the rational but the emotional, not about thinking a problem through but about 'listening to your heart'.

And the Book of Shadows has to be the ultimate deus ex machina. Do they ever end an episode without whipping through a few pages and finding exactly the right spell to make their problems go away ? Most of the storylines seem to consist of finding ways to keep them away from the damn thing for 38 minutes before wrapping up the episode in the last 4.

When they're not focussed on the demon of the week the stories are quite soapish which just isn't really my thing though I do agree that the female leads are very watchable as, to put it bluntly, eye candy (certainly not as acting talent). Of course, in fairness, it's not meant to be serious, it's campy fun with a very light tone and I can sort of see the appeal from that perspective.

(just to be clear, it's not because Charmed is not Whedonverse, I like many and love a few programmes that have nothing to do with Joss, it's just because, IMO, it's poor quality)
Charmed was never a brilliant show, but it was at least watchable at one point in time. (The first three seasons were fairly entertaining, and he fourth didn't suck too much.) Now, out of all the crap that is currently on TV, Charmed is quite possibly the worst show on TV. Horrible plots, gag-inducing dialogue, annoying characters, amazingly bad guest actors - they all define the show.

I feel sorry for David. I thought his career was going pretty well.
Oh I wouldn't feel sorry for him, there's bound to be a nice pay cheque attatched.

I don't watch Charmed but it seems to have a sizable following so it must have some merits .
Well...different opinions I guess. I still like the show and feel it's in the top 10 of all TV shows currently running...whatever kind of fool that makes me. Then again, I also like Dog the Bounty Hunter so maybe...
Let's be realistic. Its work for David and therefore money for his family. And he isn't at the point in his career where he is so established that he can pick and choose as he likes. Besides Who are we to judge?

*drops chin to chest*

*shakes head back and forth*

I can't take much more of this. I could get past it with Charisma, because aside from her recent VM appearances, she didn't have anything big going on. But David has his own series!!

Please let this be a rumor.
Seriously, why isn't DB willing to return to playing Angel in TV movies but is willing to do this? I just don't understand it.
I don't watch Charmed but it seems to have a sizable following so it must have some merits .

George Bush has a sizable following too... :~P

Eh, I was upset that James downgraded to Smallville, but it all is, in the end, exposure and pay. And David particularly seems the kind of person that it's really just a job to, so ya know...a gig's a gig.

[ edited by Rogue Slayer on 2006-03-09 01:44 ]
Good for David. He obviously wanted to be in Charmed, because I'd think that being a castmember on another show he doesn't actually need to.

I, however, probably won't be watching. I used to watch Charmed during the first two or three seasons, but after that it got so bad it became utterly unwatchable. I gave it another try with Charisma, but it just made me cringe more. I love Charisma in Buffy and Angel and she was great on Veronica Mars, but she just shared in the general badness on Charmed. It's almost as if the directors make the actors give bad performances just for the heck of it. It is, in short and all honesty, a show so bad it boggles the mind. I'd almost, almost, start believing in reality programming if all scripted television had the level that Charmed has.

In short: I don't much like it ;-). No doubt there's people who disagree. That's why it stayed on for as long as it has. I can't see any redeeming qualities in the show (apart from the female eye-candy :-p), but if anyone gets enjoyment out of watching it, then why ever not.

I am, however, very glad the show got cancelled, since it won't be taking up any programming space on the new network, which leaves room for some of the better shows on these networks. I think Veronica Mars is fairly safe, and I'm still holding out hope that Everwood'll return. *crosses fingers*

Oh, and because I can't resist:


Three excellent questions!
I used to watch Charmed occasionally in the earlier seasons, mainly for Julian McMahan. I stopped watching completely when Angel was cancelled cos I just could NOT believe that Angel could be cancelled and yet Charmed live on.

That Charisma Carpenter stole the show when she was on is about all that needs to be said about Charmed for me.

I don't watch Charmed but it seems to have a sizable following so it must have some merits .

Reality TV has a sizeable following and yet no discernable merits!!!

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Seriously, why isn't DB willing to return to playing Angel in TV movies but is willing to do this? I just don't understand it.

I can totally understand why David wouldn't want to go back to Angel, or at least not yet. He spent 8 years playing that character and before that had not really done much at all. He probably wants to get a few different roles under his belt. As much as I'd love to see more Angel I respect his descision on that but I probably won't be watching him on charmed :-)
This is lower than low. With a modest hit TV show and a regular paycheck, not to mention his recent film work, why in heaven's name does he need the money? I don't get that explanation. This is just so beneath him. I thought it was beneath Charisma, as well, although she didn't seem to have as many options, so I can see the point of the paycheck there. Charmed is just dreck.

George Bush has a sizable following too... :~P

I'd be LOL at this if it weren't so painfully true.
The IMDB always has misinformation on it. For example, just this week there was a rumor that Ed Norton was going to be on 24 because he was on 24's IMDB page. That rumor has been since been debunked. So I would wait for an official source before making any judgements about this appearance.
See, Amy on Alias, I get.

Amy and Alexis guesting on HIMYM, I get.

Charisma doing Veronica Mars, I get.

David doing Charmed? I don't get.

I mean, seriously, I'm surprised they haven't had Piper turn into a shark and force Phoebe and Paige to jump over her. Or jump her. Something along those lines.

Charmed was good it's first three and a half seasons. Then the show just started to lose all its heart. It became gimmicky lost it's charm. Pun not intended.

But hey, a paycheck's a paycheck.
Charmed used to be a good show-not Buffyverse good but good none the less. It jumped whatever in season 5 and lost all it's Charm last season.

Holly Marie Combs is a good actress with potential so I hope that if this David rumor is ture that he gets to work with her. But he's a hot guy so he'll be with Alyssa Milano-blaa. Since this is the next to last episode I wouldn't be surprised if he ended up in the last one as well. Perhaps as Phoebe's baby's daddy puke puke puke!!

That said I hope this rumor is not true!! Please please please!

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From what I can tell, all of these rumors seem to be following on from the posting on imdb. I don't think it's very likely and won't be changing my mind about that until a reputable source runs with the story.
Impossible I hope you're right :O)
Does anyone else think 'Charmed' is a lot like 'She-Spies'?
(ie really bad)
Charmed angers me, She-Spies I actually thought was goofy entertainment. Plus the latter show was just in syndication not actually something that a network is airing in primetime or anything.

I can accept it though, David Boreanaz always struck me as a more goofy type of person than his dark and brooding Angel. Even though we all mostly know him from that role maybe he's fine with just getting to play a character on a lightweight show. He doesn't want to get typecast like Tom Lenk has been as hobbits...

I'm hoping that he'd be up for playing Angel again sometime though. Maybe nostalgic for the old days?
Sorry, but I think DB on Charmed sounds like fun.
Remember in "Life Serial" when Buffy went drinking with Spike? Every time she took a drink, she said something like "Bleeeaaah," and made a terrible face. That was my immediate reaction to this "news." Hell, that's my reaction to Charmed. But I might watch if I had cable--it's at least a half step above kitten poker. . . . :)

Or, wait. . . .
I watched Charmed for the first few seasons - and then I discovered "Buffy" a year and a half ago. There was no contest and I haven't missed "Charmed" this year at all.

However, having just come back from a preview of "These Girls" and seeing DB in (almost) all his natural glory, I have to say that I would pretty much watch him display his ass-ets on TV wherever he chooses.
It's pretty rare for a star of his own series to do a guest shot on another show unless it's a crossover. I can't think of another example of this off the top of my head. If this is true I just don't get it. David must be doing somebody a favor.

The only eps of CHARMED I've watched are the two with Charisma (has she been on more?). And she blew the three regs off the screen. I'm not so sure her, well...charisma was as evident on BUFFY and ANGEL because the actors around her were also charismatic. But on contest.

First of all CHARMED is an Aaron Spelling production. That in and of itself is enough to be wary of it. One of the most facile, soulless, superficial (okay, that's the same as facile), cynical, and just plain bad creators in T.V. history, and CHARMED reeks of it.

Wanna see the kind of vanilla directing Joss was talking about when he said "over, over, two-shot", watch CHARMED. And the lighting, flat and bright just like almost every other show. The videography looks like it's from the 70's.

All that would be forgiveable if weren't for the minimal inspiration in creating the characters, the bland acting, and clearly no love or passion for the genre they've chosen. It's just a calculated rip-off of BUFFY. Oh yeah, and Holly Marie Combs' aggravating nasal voice!!!! Geez, get that reed outchyer nose, woman! That and her gimme-more-camera-time-I'm-the-boss demeanor make her one of the few actors that make me go "blecch" if I see she's in anything. Granted, I've only seen her in CHARMED and (yes) SEE JANE DATE (which I actually liked) so she could surprise me. It's happened before.

The above screed is, of course, just my opinion. Back to your regularly scheduled bewilderment at David doing CHARMED.
The videography looks like it's from the 70's.

Well, in a way, the show is "Charlie's-Angels-if-they-were-witches", and wasn't C.A. an A.S. production as well?

Coz it would explain a lot.

I might actually watch this ep though. You know, if the rumours are actually true. My curiosity is piqued.
Hey, dudes, here's two things to consider:

- David has a family.

- It's the 2nd to last episode of Charmed. Stunt casting to get more WB viewers to watch = great.
This puzzles me. Why would they care about ratings if the show's already finishing (apart from simple professional pride which, as a few have noted, seems in rather short supply on Charmed) ?
"Seriously, why isn't DB willing to return to playing Angel in TV movies but is willing to do this? I just don't understand it."


I actually watched Bones again last week after a couple of weeks of just not remembering it was even on. I'd tried very hard to like it but it hadn't managed to hold my interest at all. This week was no exception and i didn't make it through the entire episode, instead deciding to watch a late night uncut episode of Angel that i had recorded a night or so before. Y'know, one of those that Sky One dare not show during the daytime run of repeats.

By the way, note to Sky One. If you have to edit pretty much every single episode of a series and even go as far as to miss out several episodes entirely then maybe the timeslot you have given it is inappropriate perhaps? Maybe you should think about giving it an eleven to midnight slot rather than putting on repeats of family friendly Star Trek TNG in that slot? Just a thought! ;)

Anyway, back to the actual point. Switching from Bones to Angel so suddenly and seeing David playing both of the roles he is now famous for in such a short space of time made me finally realise what it is that his character in Bones is missing for me.

Seeley Booth doesn't matter!

As Seeley, David is playing one of any number of absolutely forgettable FBI agent/detective roles. A character the like of which has appeared in countless television series, none of which will ever go down in history as truly great fictional shows. No matter how long this series lasts, and given the networks taste for procedurals it could well outlast Angel, David will never be remembered for this role because it doesn't matter.

Angel mattered. The role was unique. There had never been anything like that character and David made it his own. Whenever there is any fan discussion of a Buffy reinvention with new actors cast in the roles i just don't take the topic seriously because as much as nobody but Sarah can now be Buffy the same is equally true for David's Angel. He is that character.

Now, i can appreciate that to David both roles may be nothing more than a paycheck at the end of the week but if it were me and i had chosen a career as an actor then i know that i would rather spend my time playing the truly unique role of a ensouled vampire chosen to be the champion of the human race than some bland FBI agent that has been played by a hundred actors before and will no doubt be played by many actors in years to come. There is more depth in Angel's little finger than in the entire character of Seeley Booth. David displays a presence onscreen as Angel that he simply does not achieve in Bones.

Obviously, right at this minute he is making the correct choice for himself. As i said before, Bones provides a regular paycheck that he is no doubt extremely grateful for in this day and age. However, i really hope that if ever there is a time when Joss can bring Angel back to our screens, even if for just a DVD movie or three, David will realise what an exceptional character he had a part in creating and he will be willing to reprise the role. After a year or two of playing Seeley Booth i expect he will be dying to get back into an actually interesting character again! ;)

As for Charmed? Terrible series that should have been put out of it's misery years ago. If this rumour proves true then David really should know better!
Bones has kept my attention despite a not exactly stellar start (its had some funny moments and some good chemistry between the leads and the 'squints'). A couple of episodes (the one with the guy who gets eaten by a bear and the one with the kid's body found on wasteground) were actually, I thought, pretty good TV (but then assuming you mean last UK week VWaG, about the body in the fridge, I also thought that was pretty good).

I like the idea that Brennan is emotionally isolated and has kind of crafted her identity around a search for objective truth but then i've always had a soft spot for obsessive characters (House, Brennan, Monk, Mulder, even Columbo). And I think the two lab guys are pretty good renditions of geeks (not as wonderfully dysfunctional as Chloe from 24 but then, who is ? Best geek since David Lightman, IMO).

I agree Booth isn't as interesting a character as Angel but then Booth doesn't have over 200 years of backstory to plumb so it's hardly surprising (I find his karmic mission to atone kind of hokey too, 'I'm just trying to be a better FBI Guy. My name is Booth'). And as you say there's not much there we haven't seen before.

All that said, as things stand if Bones was cancelled I wouldn't be too distraught. Whereas if 'they' cancel Veronica Mars there could be violence ;).
Why would they care about ratings if the show's already finishing (apart from simple professional pride which, as a few have noted, seems in rather short supply on Charmed) ?

Money. In the last few episodes, if The WB can say "This is going to get much bigger ratings", they can sell advertising space at a vastly increased price.

Everything like this is about money. David wants money for appearing - which, by the way, he has every right (and need) to do. The WB wants more money for advertising space.

Or maybe David just likes Charmed?
I am surprised no one has suggested that DB is doing this (if he is indeed doing this) as publicity for Bones. He has always seemed to be a team player willing to do what is needed for the show. I could see the Bones producers hoping that the viewers of a genre show that is going off the air and has a large fanbase up for grabs would hope part of that fanbase would see an actor who is already known in genre circles and say, “Hey look who it is. Boy, he’s pretty hot even as a detective. Didn’t I hear he has a detective show now? I’ll have to check it out.” Lame as that sounds, it could happen.

That said it is also very likely that it is an unfounded rumor, a favor, or the fulfillment of a commitment DB made at some time in the past for some reason. IMO one should not read too much into it or take it too personally. Actors do things for all kinds of reasons. It is a complex business. If he does Charmed, it is in no way a slight against Angel. If he seems to lose his mind and do Dancing with the Stars, or whatever that show is called, it is not a slight against Angel. It will have just been a choice he, or someone who has enough control of his current career, made for some reason that may or may not become clear.
Good call Vampire With A Gun! Food for thought.
"IMO one should not read too much into it or take it too personally."

Exactly. Many of you may not like the show, but many people out there do, or it wouldn't have been on this long. While we still don't know if it's fact or not, I see no issue with him being on the show at all. As someone mentioned about Charisma shining on it, I'm sure DB will as well, if it's true. It's very similar to Smallville, many here don't like it, but obviously there's people out there that do and we've seen JM do pretty well on there.

For all of these shows, it doesn't make people less because they like those shows while most here on Whedonesque don't. It's like Reality TV, I know some of you watch those shows, but I'd rather dig my eyes out with spoon than watch. To each their own. If DB is on Charmed, I'll give it a try. If he shows up on The Amazing Race, nope, can't make me watch it. However, I'm glad every time one of them guests on ANY show. Every time they have a new role, it lessens the chance of them being forever and always typecast as Angel, Spike, Cordelia, etc. And yes, I count Reality Shows as "roles," because they are about as far away from reality as you can get. While there's not a set script to go by, there is most definitely a plan.

As for Bones, I think it's hitting it's stride. I really enjoyed this past weeks' ep just for the interaction between the two main characters. There's a much more flirty/playful thing going on now. Reminds me in a way of Scully and Mulder in certain eps of the X-files. Specifically, an early ep where Mulder and Scully "move" into a neighborhood to investigate some disappearances due to some rather strict "homeowners association policies." Mulder jokes about the romance being gone when Scully comes out of the bathroom with face cream all over her face.

I enjoy when the leads aren't always at odds with one another and I think Bones is finding that balance. His character seemed much more playful this week, I like it. Previously, the character was sort of flat, the humor is helping Booth have a little more depth in my opinion. I guess we're lucky that FOX is giving it a chance to actually develop and grow.

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I have always found it to be an amusing and harmless little show.
I've watched it for most of the years that it has been on air.

And, bully for any of the actors/actresses who expand their workbase. The show *does* have a fanbase who watches Bones, watched Buffy (Angel, Firefly, etc.).

Heck, maybe he's just doing it for fun, if he is actually doing it. I'm sure it would be a riot to do an ep. of Charmed.

Sometimes the silly is called for, you know?
I am watching Bones, mainly because of David. I might even learn to love Bones herself if the writers would just ditch the whole ninja abilities thing. My main complaint about Bones is the hopelessly convoluted plots which leave me hopelessly confused. The story line seems to get more and more complicated until the last few minutes when everything is wrapped up in a neat little package tied up with a bright red ribbon. I still watch because I love David and have always thought he was a talented actor. I will probably watch him on Charmed although I doubt I'll watch the entire episode because I am really not able to watch an entire episode of Charmed.

Seriously, David and Charisma are so much better than this show. If I happened to catch the episode with him in it, I would maybe watch it but I certainly won't go out of my way. And could I just state for the first time how horribly unfunny and cheesy the titles of Charmed episodes are? "Kill Billie"? You'd think they'd at least abandon all pretense at anything other than campy, ridiculous light entertainment when every aspect of the show seems so simplistic and poorly done. Yet whenever I see any of the actresses in it they always look so important and serious.
"Oh yeah, and Holly Marie Combs' aggravating nasal voice!!!! Geez, get that reed outchyer nose, woman! That and her gimme-more-camera-time-I'm-the-boss demeanor make her one of the few actors that make me go "blecch" if I see she's in anything. Granted, I've only seen her in CHARMED and (yes) SEE JANE DATE (which I actually liked) so she could surprise me. It's happened before."

Picket Fences was good.

Everything else has already been said. First three seasons good, last couple suck, etc.

David is pretty, the girls are pretty. Fun can be had. Yay.
Noooooooo! I can't stand this show--it's such a Buffy rip off, no ideas are original (except the ones that suck)
I once tried to watch one of the episodes with CC in it, but I had given up after a minute or two. It's really bad.

It's the only show I actually hate. Because it has been marketed with Buffy and Angel so people think it's all the same, and when I say I love Buffy, they say something like ''isn't that that stupid show I once saw with those tree witches.''

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