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March 08 2006

Home Media Retailing on Serenity: "My New Favorite Movie" This is one of two trade magazines for the home video industry, and this is a new column where writers highlight their favorite movies (as opposed to just reviewing the week's new releases).

All the video stores get this, so hopefully it will lead to a little bump in sales!

She even says she made all of her family watch it, and now they are all fans who have gone back and watched Firefly.

(Edited to change link -Zeitgeist)

Hmm. From the writing style, you can tell this author is a bigtime fan, even if that fact hadn't been stated explicitly. All this stuff is good exposure, but it makes me wonder if those who write fan reviews like this aren't too transparent. Would the world be better off if we stopped displaying rabid fandom, and played the "surprised, normal newcomer" card more often? Really, does our collective devotion help intrigue people into watching, or scare them off?
I think being overly excited about it can definitely scare people off. When the subject comes up I always try to be low key about it, rather than attempt to relay the entire plot to them as a means to show them how awesome the movie is.
I agree. Normally i'll just say something like 'If you like sci-fi you'll probably like this, give it a shot' and then wait for them to come back to me raving about how great it was, how it's the way sci-fi should be, how the dialogue was so fantastic etc.

All the stuff we've known for ages ;).

I think the trouble with reviews like this one is not necessarily that its enthusiasm scares people away, it's more that they don't feel they can trust the review since it's so clearly by a fan. Not always true, since a well written and passionate article may make people curious, but certainly sometimes, i'd say.

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