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March 09 2006

Busch and Benson trek to Toronto in July. Adam Busch and Amber Benson will be attending this year's Toronto Trek, celebrating it 20th year, July 7-9, 2006.

Cool! Are they still dating?
They are/were DATING? (Under which rock did I live...?)
Rogue Slayer, I was about to enquire the same thing.
As far as I know Rouge I would say the answer is yes since she is still showing up at a lot of his concerts and the both of them are doing a lot of convention apppearances together.
omg, I CAN GO TO THIS. Thank you somuchomg. I try to keep an eye on Toronto cons, because I live in Buffalo, and can usually make it up for just a day without paying hotel. But I so would have never paid attention to a Trek convention. AND it's got Michael Shanks, for an extra incentive to go. I am so there!

And also, had no idea those two were dating. So cute! I adore the both of them. I've always wanted to see Amber at a con, and the geek trio... but for now, I'll live with just one of them.
I've never been able to get past Busch as Warren but I guess if Amber Benson can, so can I. I'm looking forward to TT a lot this year.

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