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March 08 2006

Our Mrs. Reynolds on "Without a Trace". Christina Hendricks, former Mrs. Mal on "Firefly" will be on the show as an advice columnist who vanishes despite the fact she's been afraid to leave her apartment for two years. Last October, she was seen on CBS' "Cold Case".

Darn... I saw the headline on my RSS and thought maybe a character would have the actual episode playing in the background. Ah well... clever title, though!
She's my very favourite guest star!
Also note:
Writer(s): Diego Gutierrez

a.k.a. Joss Whedon's former assistant, or the writer of "Normal Again."

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Uh, ok... Am I just reading too much into this? Christina's character on "Without a Trace" is named "Rachel Gibson". The character of "Rachel Gibson" on Alias is played by Rachel Nichols, who starred in Tim Minear's "The Inside"... Just a coincidence, right?

It was nice seeing Christina on TV again... She was great in Kevin Hill last year.
Aha! My gf and I just finished watching. Bizarre, but kinda brilliant! It was definitely a departure from the usual formula, and in all the right ways. Way fun. I made a mental note to myself to look up the writer, but I hit here first. Diego Gutierrez! Figures. I have a strange love/hate relationship with "Normal Again." :)
Agreed orphea, I'm a regular watcher of Without a Trace, and this was absolutely a departure; much more humourous... very nice to see them having a little fun. And it was great to see Christina again on screen... very much enjoyed her.

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