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March 13 2003

Here's the 3rd (final?) part of the round table Buffy discussion - again, featuring four of the leading Buffy scholars-- David Lavery, Rhonda Wilcox, James B. South, and Stephanie Zacharek.

I love reading this stuff -- I wish there were people to talk to on this level more often.

Yeah it's the final round, the first part mentioned there's be three parts.
Okay what actually constitutes being a "leading Buffy scholar"? I've rambled at least as much about Buffy as anyone else on the planet. Who are these people and how come I ain't one of them?
It's probably a credential they gave themselves. That's to say anyone on this site could be in consideration for it.
The difference is that they are paid to talk about Buffy, and we're not.
Well, three of them have published/are in the process of publishing serious academic work about the show(s), and the other is a professional television critic. That's not nothing, for sure.
Yeah. What keever said.
Actually, Stephanie Zacharek is my favorite movie critic, but she occasionally dabbles in television just so she can talk about Buffy. I almost always agree with her movie reviews. I love her.
Good point about Ms. Zacharek. The late, great Pauliene Kael called her one of America's leading film writers in an interview shortly before her death. The credits for our "leading Buffy scholars" are listed right after the article.
Want to read more of this kind of thing? Check out Rhonda (Wilcox) & David (Lavery)'s "Online International Journal of Buffy Studies"--Slayage at (James South is a member of the editorial board).

Or visit the All Things Philosophical on Buffy the Vampire Slayer discussion board (link from, which has been posted here at least twice). That's where are the deep thinkers hang out.
Oops. I did mean to say that she was predominantly a film critic. She has done quite a lot of dabbling in the TV world, though. I thought that what she said about the differences in expectations of TV shows and films in the second part of the discussion was especially interesting.

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