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March 09 2006

Highlights of the Slither panel and more at the Fangoria event in Chicago. As ever, Nathan seems to be top form (slight spoilers for the movie in this report btw).

Awesome. Looks like a fun movie.
Looking forward to this more and more (though it's not out until the end of April over here).

Bloody Nathan. Funny, classy, good looking and rich (at least comparitively, i'd bet). Stop setting the damn bar so high for the rest of us, Fillion !
I was there for the weekend event... and the SLiTHER panel was awesome. The entire cast of that movie is great from Nathan Fillion right down to Lloyd Kaufman.

I got to see the special screening of the movie on Saturday night and its some really good stuff. I will be seeing this multiple times in the theater (this coming from the guy who saw Serenity 15 times in the theater).

So yeah... support Nathan. Support James Gunn and support Jenna Fischer... all three are amazing people.
And most of all don't make fun of White Noise 2 in front of Nathan (or rather, be a dick about it).
One of the crew has posted on the blog entry comments.

Edit: I just realised. By crew they mean the old browncoat crew things, not movie crew. Heh.

And the idiot award goes to..

[ edited by gossi on 2006-03-10 00:50 ]
Hee, gossi, I almost got excited--then saw it was one of the members from my old crew. Not that it wasn't nice to hear from him (and lord, I was the worst crew captain, I think).
Well, gossi at least you know what the hell you're talking about. Browncoat crew ? This sounds like something from before I started paying attention to online fandom. Is it an RPG type of thing ?
Oh, the old US site had this viral marketing thing where people formed 'crews' to earn points.

It was, however, a bit pointless to be honest. I think so anyway.

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